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How to book PhD ceremony dates in Hora Finita?

As chairgroup secretary, you can book a ceremony slot in the Aula. This article guides you through this process.

Where do I find where I can book the ceremony slot?

An overview of the ceremony time slots can be found under the 'Ceremony' page. Using the 'PhD ceremony calendar' tab, you get an overview of the slot and you can navigate to different months or locations.

How do I book a ceremony slot without raffle?

You can select an available slot by clicking on it. When the slot will be raffled, you will join the raffle. All other available slots will definitely be yours when you select them.

Please note that you are not allowed to book dates that are within 14 weeks from the present date!

When you select an available slot, you will be send to a 'PhD Ceremony Page' for this specific slot. After selecting the PhD ceremony day, you can fill in the Hora Finita name-ID of the relevant candidate. 

Once you have selected a PhD name ID and added comments, you can submit your request to the reservation service. You will then be send to a page asking you to confirm the booking. When you confirm the booking, the PhD student will be notified.

How do I book a ceremony slot with a raffle?

Please note:

  • An individual PhD candidate can be entered in up to 3 raffle slots at any given time.
  • Raffle slots and no-raffle slots cannot be booked together.
  • In case a PhD candidate does not get a slot assigned in the raffle and all no-raffle slots are unavailble/booked, this could cause a month delay in graduation.

Ceremony slots with a raffle are released on the first working day of the month, at 9:00 a.m.

Navigate to the 'PhD ceremony calendar'.

1. Fill in the right location and month.

2. You can choose a day and time with a raffle by clicking the 'available' button.

After selecting the PhD ceremony day, you can fill in the Hora Finita name-ID of the relevant candidate. 

You can submit the PhD ceremony slot by clicking on the 'Join raffle' button.

You will receive the following message:

The raffle will take place in the night after you made the reservation(s) and you will be informed the day after whether or not a raffle slot is booked.

What happens after I booked the ceremony slot?

If you have booked and confirmed a time slot, the PhD students and their supervisors will be notified of this via email. An overview of all emails send can be seen below:

What type of email Who receives it
Confirmation of PhD defense PhD student
Notification that ceremony slot has been assigned Promotor
Notification that definite thesis defense date has been set Supervisors, Co-supervisors, Offices

Deleting a PhD ceremony slot without raffle

You can alter confirmed bookings of ceremony slots for PhD students of your chairgroup. You do this by going to the 'Ceremony' page and 'PhD Ceremony Calender' tab. Here, you select the confirmed slot that you want to change.

Selecting the confirmed booking will bring you to a page detailing information on the slot.

Here, you can delete the booking from the reservation service.

You will receive the following email:

The PhD candidate will receive an email informing them the PhD ceremony slot has been removed.

After you successfully deleted a confirmed slot, you can book a new, available or to be raffled slot for the PhD Project!

Deleting a ceremony slot with raffle

1. Click on the 'PhD ceremony calendar' tab.

2. Click on the 'PhD ceremony slots to be raffled' tab.

3. Click on the right PhD ceremony slot.

Use the 'Delete' button to delete the PhD ceremony slot.

You will then be asked if you are sure to delete the following ceremony slot:

If you are sure you can once again use the 'Delete' button.

After you deleted the slot, you will receive the following message: