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How to change the Graduate School of a PhD Student?

When a PhD student switches graduates schools, this change needs to be registered in Hora Finita. A Graduate school cannot manually change the graduate school, this actions needs to be done by the Hora Finita servicedesk. This article guides you proper way to take this action.

Note: a request to change should be made by the current Graduate School!

Requesting a change of graduate school should be done by emailing the Hora Finita servicedesk at [email protected]. Please make sure to include the following in the email:

  • The full name and WUR-account name of the PhD candidate.
  • To which Graduate School the PhD candidate is transferring.
  • The reason for the transfer.
  • Please include the Graduate School to which the student is transferring to in the CC.

The Hora Finita servicedesk will process your request and notify the involved graduate schools when the transfer is made.


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