About WeConnect

WeConnect is an active learning space. WeConnect brings learners together in a collaborative environment, that’s designed for active learning. You can find WeConnect rooms in Aurora and Forum.

Functionalities of WeConnect

In the WeConnect rooms on campus there are two types of weConnect: the WeConnect Huddle Space and the WeConnect Collaboration Room. The WeConnect Huddle Space allows you to make your classroom more interactive by using side displays for collaboration. Students can work in groups or individually with one side display. The WeConnect Collaboration Room allows you to make your classroom more interactive by using side displays for collaboration as well. But in addition, you can control what is displayed on the side displays and you can use Interactive Tools, like polling and the whiteboard.

As a Lecturer, you can: 

  • Moderate the collaboration in the class (Huddle Space and Collaboration Room)
  • Present content from the projection screen to the side display(s) (Collaboration Room)
  • Control the content on the side displays (Collaboration Room)
  • Launch quizzes and polls (Collaboration Room)
  • Get audience feedback with silent questions (Collaboration Room)

As a Student, you can:

  • Share content to the side displays in class using your own device (Huddle Space and Collaboration Room)
  • Learn and study in working groups (Huddle Space and Collaboration Room)
  • Ask the instructor silent questions (Collaboration Room)
  • Participate in polls and quizzes (Collaboration Room

WeConnect equipment

A typical WeConnect room is equipped with specific WeConnect software, eight Side Displays, a digital whiteboard, and movable furniture. Because of the movable furniture, the traditional classroom setting can be replaced (on request) with a set of group tables, one group per side screen.

WeConnect rooms in Aurora and Forum

About WeConnect Huddle Space

With the Huddle Space Students, or other participants in the room, can share content from their device (e.g laptop or phone) to one of the side displays in the room. Up to eight students can share their content with one of the side displays. The Huddle Space is the most basic form of WeConnect and could be used for different educational activities:

  • Individual work: four students on each side display, producing individual work. The collective screen allows organised cheating to get inspired by others
  • Collective product: four students on each side display, making a collective product (e.g poster) with a competition element among 13 groups

For more information check the article How to set up your WeConnect Huddle Space.

If you are looking for more control over the Side Displays and would like to use the interactive tools, the Collaboration Room might be interesting for you. In the section About Collaboration Room you can find information about that.

About WeConnect Collaboration Room

The Collaboration Room is an advanced Huddle Space. With the Collaboration Room students can still share their content on one of the side displays, but next to that you, as a Lecturer, can control the content on the side displays. The power of the WeConnect Collaboration Room lies in the bi-directionality within the system.

  • Control Side Displays: You can send the content from one of the group tables to the main screen at any point in the lecture. This allows you to interrupt the session to discuss the work of one group. With a single push of a button, you send the work of one group to every other group as well, allowing students to view all details of the shared information. Towards the end of the class, you invite student groups to present the results of their work. Additionally, the system allows comparing the results of multiple groups at the same time by adding their content to the main display and sharing this back to all student tables
  • Interactive Tools: Combined with the interactivity tools this creates a powerful and engaging experience for all involved

For more information check the article How to set up your WeConnect Collaboration Room.

WeConnect Collaboration Room Interactive Tools

Next to using the Side Displays for collaboration you can use the following Interactive Tools:

  1. Quiz or Poll: You can run a quiz or poll at any time. You can ask your question verbally, in a PowerPoint, in a document you share on the main screen or even by writing it on a whiteboard. When you launch the question, the participants will get to see the possible answers on top of the preview of the main display. Select the possible answers the participants can give. It is possible to choose between binary options, multiple choice or open answers.
  2. Silent Questions: The silent questions feature allows students to ask a question to the lecturer without the need to raise their hand.  The fellow students in the lecture will be able to read the student's question and indicate if they like it. Lecturers automatically get the most liked questions in a list in their user interface. They can answer the question at any time or keep it as feedback to improve the lecture in the future. That helps lecturers to understand which questions need priority for the whole class.
  3. Whiteboard: Users managing the classroom can draw on the whiteboard. Additionally, participants can contribute in case the Enable Collaboration Drawing option is selected.

Now you know about WeConnect!

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