How to set up your WeConnect Huddle Space

In the WeConnect rooms on campus, there are two types of weConnect: the WeConnect Huddle Space and the WeConnect Collaboration Room. The WeConnect Huddle Space allows you to make your classroom more interactive by using side displays for collaboration. Students can work in groups or individually with one side display.

As a Lecturer, you can: 

  • Moderate the collaboration in the class

And as a Student, you can:

  • Share content to the side displays in class using your own device
  • Learn and study in working groups

For the WeConnect Huddle Space, you need to activate the WeConnect Huddle Space, share the information about Sharing through MirrorOp with your students, and last but not least, reserve a room with the facility WeConnect.

Contact [email protected] to reserve a room with the facility WeConnect.

Activate your weConnect Huddle Space session

On the Control Panel:

  1. Press Combine if you are using combined rooms
  2. Press the Projector On button
  3. Press the Select WeConnect button (instead of Select PC)
  4. Press the Displays On button to turn on the side displays

If the side displays do not work please call the reception of the building you are in.

Combined rooms: When you booked a combined room at the reception you will receive the box with equipment labeled Master. This is the main classroom in which you should use the Control Panel. Press the Combine button to share what is on your screen on the projection screens in both rooms and to enable side displays in both rooms.

Share through MirrorOp

To share content to the side displays WeConnect uses an application called MirrorOp. This app enables students to share their content from their devices without cables.

The article How to get started with WeConnect explains what steps are needed for the Students to share content from their device to one of the side displays through MirrorOp. We advise you to share this article with your Students in advance.

Now you know how to set up your WeConnect Huddle Space!

Want to know more about using WeConnect in lecture rooms at WUR?

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