How to review a PhD registration?

The degree certificate or exemption and how to review a PhD registration are matters that are linked and belong together due to the degree evaluation.

General information

The registration of the PhD candidate needs to be initiated by the Graduate School (this is based on information provided by the chair group).

Before the registration can be put on 'accept', a diploma evaluation will have to be carried out via Nuffic.

First, all diplomas, lists of grades, language tests and passports must be retrieved from the system. This information will be used to request an assessment from Nuffic, which usually takes about 6 weeks.

Please note: There must always be a positive language exam, if a postponement has been granted, then create a query for this. Only with a language exam we start with the application for diploma evaluation!

After the rating comes in and is positive, the information can be further completed and the evaluation uploaded  

If any documents are missing, you can use the button to request additional information from the candidate.

An exception is made if the candidate has obtained a Dutch MSc. The MSc diploma must then be uploaded.

If this is not the case (because the candidate has not yet received the certificate, for example, it will contain an official letter from the examination board), create the requirement 'Degree certificate or exemption' and enter in the comment field that the original MSc certificate still has to be uploaded.

You then set a deadline of 3 months.

In this field, you can fill in that it concerns a Dutch MSc (please mention the university):

You can then set the account to 'accept' immediately.

Reviewing the registration

After the Graduate School and the PhD candidate filled in the information, the Graduate School can submit the PhD registration to the Doctoral Service Centre.

The Doctoral Service Centre will receive the following e-mail with the request to assess the registration:

You can click on the link which will take you to the PhD registration page. Check the information and fill in any missing information.

You can add comments and approve / reject the registration at the bottom of the page.

If the Doctoral Service Centre rejects the registration, the Graduate School will receive an email informing them about the rejection.

If the Doctoral Service Centre approves the registration, an email will be sent to the chair group secretary asking them to make the registration final by defining a start date. If the chair group secretary rejects the registration, the GS will be informed via an email about the rejection. They need to review the motivation for rejection and can resubmit the registration to the Doctoral Service Centre.

If they approve, the PhD registration will be set to a PhD project.

After the registration has been approved, you can still change the start and end date of a PhD track in the other phases (Research phase and graduation phase).

Please note that you can ONLY change the dates to the current or future date, not to the past!

There are instructions how to add certain requirements to a PhD registration or PhD project.


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