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The language exam is an examination required for certain students who has not yet taken a language test or who has taken an insufficient language test. The candidate will therefore not be admitted. If the language exam is insufficient, no diploma evaluation will be requested from Nuffic.

This requirement is created when a candidate still has to hand in a language test and the candidate must hand this in before the start date of the project. All this time the candidate remains in the status: PhD registration.

If a candidate gets a postponement for a language test, the deadline date must also be adjusted.

If a satisfactory language exam has been submitted, then this requirement is set to 'Mark resolved'. The result of the language test will then appear in the commentary field.

This requirement is also created if the candidate is given a postponement for the language test. This must be clearly documented somewhere (at the bottom of the page you can add any remarks underneath 'comments'. See picture below).

If the PhD registration is set to a PhD project, the mail from the dean or research group granting a postponement or exemption for the language test can be uploaded in the "Documents" tab.

How to set up the language exam

The Doctoral Sercie Centre has to set up the language exam for the PhD candidate.

1. Navigate to the 'PhD projects' tab.

2. Click on the 'PhD project registrations' tab.

After selecting the right PhD project, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on 'Requirements' button.

Click on the 'New' button.

1. Click on the box next to 'requirement' and select the right option: 'Language exam required'.

2. Click on the 'Save' button to save the requirement.


If the language exam has been submitted, you will receive an email to review the exam. Click on the link in the e-mail to open the assessment.

1. Download the attachment

2. Fill in the assessment

3. Click on the 'Submit' button to submit your assessment.

If you approve the exam, the requirement will be set to 'Mark resolved'.

If an exemption is granted (QE or Language Test), then you need to put the proof of this (usually an email) in the Documents (in PhD Projects).


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