Conversion tool of registration numbers from AIR to OSIRIS student numbers and vice versa

With the introduction of OSIRIS, all students will receive a new student number (called Student ID in Osiris); the old registration numbers from AIR where not privacy proof and will no longer be used. When course coordinators have saved partial grades, the old registration numbers can be converted to OSIRIS student  numbers. In OSIRIS, only these new student numbers will be used.

This manual provides a link to the conversion tool and describes how it can be used.

The conversion tool (click on the link) is an Excel file placed on SharePoint. The file is only accessible to employees who are authorised to enter grades, including secretaries, course coordinators and examiners. Unfortunately, the SharePoint page is in Dutch as well as the Excel file. Nevertheless, from the manual below it should be clear how to use the conversion tool.

1. Click on the most recent version of the "WUR-Omrekentool [...]" (WUR-conversion tool).  The "250" version has 250 rows for student numbers. This is a protected Excel file and opens with "read only". The conversion does not work in this file!

2 + 3. In order to be able to use the file, you need to "Save as" (Opslaan als) and download a copy (Een kopie downloaden).

4. The Excel file provides 4 ways to convert WUR accounts, old registration numbers and new OSIRIS student numbers.

When you copy/paste from an Excel file, make sure the cells you copy from are "numbers". If it is "a number stored as text", the conversion does not work.