Education SupportOsirisOsiris for Course Coordinator & ExaminerMSc INTERNSHIP, THESIS & RESEARCH PRACTICE (old procedure): Start case process, Upload documents, Grade registration(Old Pilot) How to start a case for an MSc internship, thesis or research practice and make changes in supervisor and examiner after starting the case (task for coordinator) only for pilot chair groups

(Old Pilot) How to start a case for an MSc internship, thesis or research practice and make changes in supervisor and examiner after starting the case (task for coordinator) only for pilot chair groups

NOTE: this describes the 'old' pilot that was used in the 2021-2022 Academic Year. It is available for those chair groups in the initial pilot that want to finalize projects that were initiated in this pilot.

This manual describes how the coordinator starts a case process when the student starts the MSc internship, thesis or research practice. The case process is not used for the BSc thesis or internship!

For secretaries that have Administrative Procedures Support for courses: this does not work for the case process for internship, thesis or research practice. Only the coordinator and examiner of a chair group have a role, as well as the supervisors who are appointed by the coordinator. Secretaries could be registered as coordinator and start the process.

The case process was tested by a number of chair groups in the 2021-2022 Academic Year. The outcomes of this pilot were used in a re-design of this process that will become available from August 15, 2022 for all chair groups. 

For the persons involved in the test: if you experience problems, have questions about the process and/or remarks about the manual, or need help, please contact Lisette Graat (Lisette.Gr[email protected]).

If you see the tile Case (see screenshot below) in your start screen of OSIRIS, you should not use it if your chair group is not in the test phase. 

Pilot chair groups are: ABG, ADP, BCT, GRS, HAP, NEM, SLM, TOX, WRM

Please find all documents (e.g. assessment form and rubrics, course guide, learning agreement) on the ESA portal: all documents

Once you have created a case and appointed a supervisor and examiner, there is still a possibility to change these persons during the process!

In this chapter you can find:

Starting a case

Only study advisors and coordinators for thesis, internship and research practice will see the "student" menu. If you are an examiner or course coordinator of at least one course, you will see the "grade" menu. The "case" menu is visible to the coordinators of the thesis, internship or research practice and supervisors and examiners that have access to a case process for a thesis, internship, and/or research practice.

1. Choose Student. The following screen pops up.

2. There are several ways to search for a student. For example, entering the surname or the student number directly within personal details.

It is also possible to fill in the degree programme (e.g. MAS for master Animal Sciences). Then all students from a programme will appear.

3. In the left menu, choose Cases.

4. Click 'Start new case'.

5. Start an internship or thesis or research practice. A registration form will pop up. The case process for thesis, internship and research practice are almost identical. Below as example the thesis registration form.

In this form all fields are compulsory, except for the optional upload of additional arrangements! For an internship all fields all compulsory!

6. First choose a Start date and End date. N.B. a case will not be ended automatically after the specified end date! The whole process, including entering the final assessment form, can always be completed.

7. Choose a Programme. Here e.g. a Bachelor and Master.  After this choice, the Exam type (e.g. Master) and Exam Programme with the start year of the student will appear. Currently, it is not possible to finish a case process for exchange students. This is work in progress!

8. Choose the Country where the internship, thesis or research practice is executed (type 3 letters and a pop up screen with countries appear). The Netherlands is default, but you have to change this when it is abroad.

9. The internal supervisor is the supervisor from the WUR. By typing the first three letters of the surname, the names of possible supervisors appear. A PhD student can be supervisor on a daily basis, but is not allowed to fill in the assessment form later. The PhD student needs to be supervised by e.g. (co)promoter.

10. The Course code and name. Here you can choose from all possible course codes of the WUR. The size (in ECTS) of the internship will be filled in later (by the supervisor) when the assessments forms need to be uploaded.

11. For Academic year use the academic year in which the internship, thesis or research practice is started. The academic year is the calendar year in which the academic year began. (e.g. if the student starts in January 2021, the academic year is 2020).

12. The Course examiner must be chosen. The list contains all examiners within the course code. It has to be filled in, but can be changed at a later stage in this registration form by the coordinator who start this form.  In principle, all examiners for a course code can complete the final assessment form. It will, however, not pop up in the cases in their start menu of OSIRIS if they are not appointed in the registration form. They then have to go to the form in the Result tab in the start menu. 

13. Finally, for an internship the contract (in PDF format) must be uploaded at Upload contract. For a thesis or research practice there is no contract to upload. There it is optional to upload a document with additional arrangements (e.g. confidentiality or other additional arrangements, that are not dealt with in the learning agreement).

14. When everything is filled in, click on Submit.

Beware that once the start form is saved, it has no use to change the supervisor and examiner in the start form. For changing the supervisor and/or examiner see step 19. However, if the entered course code is wrong, it should be corrected in the start form!

15. A case number has now been created for the student.  If you click on case number, an overview form is shown (see screenshot below).

16. Here it can be seen that the next task is for the internal supervisor.

Furthermore, this student already had a thesis completed at the chair group which is also shown.

17. The coordinator can check which Activities are completed and which Milestones have been achieved, and who are the appointed actors. The text that is green, is the next step in the process. In this screenshot, start of the internship (which is uploading the learning agreement) is waiting for the supervisor to be completed.

N.B. Once the case is completed, all the persons involved in the process are shown in this form. These are the examiner, internal supervisor, student and coordinator.  Admin, secretariat, and study advisor will not be assigned. These are actors in the case, so that they are able to see the progress in the case process (secretariat) or learning agreement (study advisor). Secretariats should use OSIRIS basis to have this overview in the dashboard.

18. Under the tab Data (see screenshot below), all the documents can be found. These are, the uploaded contract (in case of an internship), the learning agreement, and the assessment forms of the external supervisor (the host of the student in case of an internship), (internal) WUR supervisor and examiner, as well as the report and/or reflection paper. The latter one only for internship and research practice.

19. For the coordinator: Don't use the actions that are shown after clicking on the 3 dots at Case and Activities! These can disturb the process!

Only use the 3 dots at Actors if you want to change the examiner and/or supervisor (see screenshot below).  When you click on change, a list of many persons pops up. Beware that you choose an examiner from your chair group that is appointed in the study handbook as these are the only persons able to fill in the final online assessment form. It is possible that an examiner of supervisor is not in the list that pops up. In that case please contact [email protected] to add these persons to the list.

Changing the examiner and/or supervisor

Create an overview of your created cases and view all documents within a case

Unfortunately a coordinator cannot make an overview of all students in OSIRIS-Lecturer.  In OSIRIS-Basis, however, an Excel file with all students can be made. Ask your secretary to make an overview of all cases. Your secretary also can retrieve all uploaded documents. For this, so far, only manuals in Dutch are available:

Hoe volgt een secretariaat een zaakproces voor MSc Thesis/Internship/Research Practice

Hoe kan ik documenten van een MSc Thesis/Internship/Research Practice inzien?

It is not possible to see documents of cases in other chair groups!!