How to enrol a student in a course - via student search?

Usually students register for a course themselves (Osiris uses the word "Course"), but sometimes this does not work. This can be for various reasons, for example:

After approval from the course coordinator, the secretariat (or a course coordinator with Osiris Basic rights) can still place a student who has not registered for a course on the list of participants, even if the enrolment deadline for the student has passed. The advantage is that the student will then automatically have access to the Brightspace environment of this course.

More information on rules regarding enrolment and dis-enrolment? Read Rules, guidelines, deadlines, common problems regarding (dis-)enrolment

This manual describes how to add an individual student to a list of participants. Here, we describe the method by searching for the student. If you want to add more students at the same time, use the manual “How do I enrol a group of students simultaneously in a course?”.

Start screen

1. Click on Student > Student > Student information
or enter in the menu bar go to menu "2.1" and press enter

Select the student

2. Under Personal details (on the left), enter a student number in the Student number search field
or enter a surname in the search field Surname (without letter accent). Enter the last name without prefix(s)

NB. Without letter accent means the sign above or below a letter (e.g. bv é, ë, ñ, ç).

3. Click on Search

TIP: Multiple selection filters are available via the Advanced search option.

4. If you search by student number, one student will appear

NB. If you search by last name, multiple students with the same name may appear

5. Click on the arrow in front of the student number of the student you want to add

NOTE: The personal details of the student will appear, including the telephone number. Only use the student's phone number if it is necessary for the student's well being.
TIP: If you clicked on the wrong name, or if you still want to search someone else, go back via Back to overview.

Select the course

6. On the left side of the screen under Enrol in education, click Courses and tests

NOTE: All courses for which the student is registered are visible. Be very careful NOT to accidentally remove a course from the student!

7. Click on the green plus at Overview enrolments to add a new registration

8. Enter the Academic Year and Course
or enter the three-letter course code and select your course from the menu that appears
or search for a course via the magnifying glass under Course and click OK. There you can search by course code or first part of the name of the course.

NB. For the academic year 2019/2020, enter 2019.
NB. If Enrol for is on Course, the student is automatically registered for the course and the exam.
NB. Osiris will only start looking for the course and will not recognize the code until the Academic Year has been entered. This is because courses in Osiris are linked to college years. Sometimes several courses with the same number appear. It does not matter which course is selected.

9. Ignore the bottom four fields in this screen.
Go to “How to enrol a student in a course, who wants to take more than 15 ECTS in a period?” when applicable.
10. Click on Next >

NOTE: The working method and the test are automatically checked (leave this as it is).

11. Click on the black Enrol button to complete the enrolment of the student

NOTE: The student is now enrolled. At the top of the screen, a notification is given that the action has been successfully completed. The Save button can be ignored.
NOTE: The course can be found in the table shown.
NB. The student will now automatically receive an email that he/she has been registered for this exam.

If an error message appears, check if the second or third scenario from the introduction applies.