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How to enrol a group of students simultaneously in a course?

Usually students enrol in a course themselves, but sometimes this does not work. This can happen due to various reasons, for example:

After approval from the course coordinator, the secretariat (or a course coordinator with Osiris Basic rights) can still place a student who has not registered for a course on the list of participants, even if the enrolment deadline for the student has passed. The advantage is that the student will then automatically have access to the Brightspace environment of this course.

More information on rules regarding enrollment and dis-enrolment? Read Rules, guidelines, deadlines, common problems regarding (dis-)enrolment

This manual describes how to add a group of students simultaneously to a course.

Start screen

1. Click on Student > Enrol education > Course
or enter in the menu bar go to menu "2.4" and press enter

Select the course

2. Enter the course code in the Course search field
or search for a course via the magnifying glass under Course. For detailed intermediate steps, follow How do I find my course in Osiris Basis?, Steps 3 to 7

NB. The correct academic year has already been entered.

3. Click on Search

4. Click on the course with the correct starting block. The bar becomes green and click on the black arrow in front of the course code

Select the students

5. Make sure you are in the menu Course - Enrol

6. Click on the double green plus sign under heading Select the students you want to enrol


7. Click on the plus sign behind the input field of Student number in the Search screen

8. Enter the student numbers or copy and paste them from, for example, an Excel file, in the Enter student numbers block

9. Click on OK

NOTE: All selected student numbers appear consecutively at Student Number in the Search block

10. Click on Search

11. Click on Add

NOTE: The searched students are now entered as a selection at the bottom of your screen under Select the students you want to enrol. The green shading means they are all selected and the next action you take applies to all these students.

12. Click Enrol to complete the registration

NB. It is possible that one or more students give an error message, and then you will see a mutation report. (See manual “What do I do if a mutation report appears?”).

NOTE: The students are now enroled. In the grey notification bar you see a notice that the action has been successfully executed.
NB. The previously selected students remain selected at the bottom of the screen. This does not matter.