How to finalize a course grade?

Grades entered into Osiris are always saved as draft grades. This means that they are not yet visible to the students and these grades can still be changed. Moreover, they can even be deleted. In short, results that have been entered must still be made final.

The best way is to check the correctness of the draft grade(s) and finalize them immediately.

This manual describes how to finalize a draft grade in Osiris Basis:
For one student
For one exam all grades at the same time or at least multiple grades at the same time

Finalize one grade for a student

Start screen

1. Click on Student > Grades > Individual > Test grades
or fill in go to menu 2165 and click enter

2. Under Personal details, enter a student number in the Student number
or enter a surname in the Surname search field (without diacritics). Enter the surname without prefix(s)

NB. Diacritic means the sign above or below a letter (e.g. é, ë, ñ, ç).

3. Click Search

4. Click on the black arrow in front of the student number

5. Click on the course that you want to finalize, this line becomes green

6. Check if the draft grade is correct

7. Click on Action: Make final

TIP. If you click on Concept, then you will only see the grades that are not entered yet and those who are saved in Draft.

8.  Click on Make final In the pop-up screen
Osiris checks if the student meets the Universities Enrolment requirement 

9. The grey notification bar shows that the grade has been finalized successfully. The grade is now visible for the student

When a grade is finalized, only the Student Service Centre ([email protected]) is allowed to correct it!

If you want to check if the grade has been made final, you can see manual How do I check if a grade has been made final?

Finalize multiple or all grades for an exam

Start screen

10. Click on Student > Grades > Test grades
or fill in go to menu 2440 and click enter

11. Enter the course code in the search field Course

NB. The current academic year is pre-filled, 2019 stands for Academic Year 2019-2020.

12. Click on Search

13. Click on the black arrow in front of the course code with the correct Starting  block