How to see all previous results for a specific course for a student?

This manual describes how you can find all previous results for a particular course in Osiris Basis for a student.

Start screen

1. Click Student > Grades > Individual > Final grades
or fill in go to menu 2167 and click enter

Select the student

2. Under Personal details, enter a student number in the Student number search field
or enter a surname in the Surname search field (without diacritics). Enter the last name without prefix(s)

NB. Diacritic is a mark written above or below a letter, that changes it usual pronunciation.

3. Click on Search

TIP: Multiple selection filters are available via the Advanced search option.

4. Click on the black arrow in front of the student number of the student

NOTE: Here you can see for which program the student is enroled. Enrolment status 4 means that the student is fully registered at WUR, provided that the End date is in the future.

View results

5. Click on the black arrow of the course that you want to check

The screen Details Final Grades of the course appears.

6. Here you can see how many exams the student took for this specific course. When it took place and with which result

TIP.  You can scroll through all the courses this student took from your chair group by clicking on the arrows

View more information about a specific test

7. Go to menu Test grades and select the course that you want to have more detailed information of, this line becomes green

8. Click on the black arrow under Tests at course

9. A pop-up screen opens in which you can view details and history, and who entered the grade.