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How to disenrol a student from a course and an exam – via student search?

While taking a course, students can decide (for whatever reason) that they no longer want to follow the course. They can disenrol themselves or submit a request to be disenrolled from the course (and therefore withdrawn from the exam).

Until halfway through the period, the student can be disenrolled from the exam in Osiris Basis (note: this is the same deadline as for the student). We actually never deregister a student for an exam, only if it is necessary to allocate facilities. How to activate a facility for a student? (after Apr. 2021)

ATTENTION, this is only allowed under two conditions:

1. The student disenrols before the middle of the period (i.e. before Monday week 5 (period 1, 2, 5, 6) or before Monday week 3 (period 3, 4));
2. the student has not yet completed a part of the official assessment (e.g. by submitting a report or completing a practical).

If one of these conditions is NOT met, the student has to get a NOGRADE or INCOMPL result. See below.

Why is this important?
If any of these conditions are not met, the student has demonstrably received education. In that case he may no longer be disenrolled, because this is contrary to the legislation regarding the "Harde Knip" (BSc before completing MSc).

When demonstrable education has been taken by the student (see definition above) you must enter a NOGRADE or INCOMPL and the student may therefore not be disenrolled for the course or exam. If the student has not yet completed compulsory components (e.g. completed an assignment or the practical), or has obtained partial marks, the student will receive NOGRADE (no LSG compensation). In other cases, an INCOMPL (with compensation LSG) must be entered as a result (see also: How to use result grade codes?)

Disenrolment from a course can only be done in Osiris Basis, of course in agreement with the course coordinator.

Read more in: Rules, guidelines, deadlines, common problems regarding (dis-)enrolment

This manual describes how to disenrol a student from a course when the two conditions are met.

Again, if these 2 conditions are met, students are able to arrange their own disenrolment!

Start screen

1. Click on Student > Student > Student information
or enter in menu bar go to menu “2.1” and press enter

Search the student

2. Under Personal details, enter a student number in the search field Student number
or enter a surname in the search field Surname (without letter accent). Enter the last name without prefix(s)

NB. Letter accents means the sign above or below a letter (e.g. é, ë, ñ, ç).

3. Click on Search

TIP: More selection filters are available via the Advanced search option

4. Click on the black arrow in front of the student number

NB. If you search on Student number, one student will appear. If you search by Last Name, multiple students with the same last name may appear.
NB. If you cannot find a student, the student may already be disenroled from his studies. You can check this by choosing the empty option in the field “Active student:”. For example, Osiris also searches for students who are no longer registered with the search values you entered earlier.

NOTE: The student's personal details appear.
TIP: If you clicked on the wrong name, or if you still want to find someone else, go back via Back to overview.

Select the course

5. Click on Courses and tests in the menu under Enrol in education

NOTE: All courses for which the student is enroled are visible under Student has enrolments for the following courses. Be very careful NOT to accidentally remove the wrong course for the student! 

6. Click on the course code or course name for which you want to remove the student under Student has enrolments for the following courses (the bar of that course turns green)

NB. Do NOT click on the arrow in front of the course!

7. Click on the black cross at the top of the box to remove the registration

Final check: are you sure this student is eligible to be disenroled? See the warning at the top of the page or in: GET STARTED: Login, Navigation, list of participants, Help from Key-users

8. A warning appears Are you sure you want to delete the selected rows (1)?. Click on Yes

NOTE: The arrow has changed to a grey cross

9. Click on Save

The student is now disenroled from the course and from the exam.

NOTE: In the grey notification bar, a notice is given that  the Transaction completed successfully!. The course is no longer included in the courses in which the student is enroled.
NB. The student receives an automatically generated confirmation email of the disenrolment from this course and corresponding examination.