How to enter grades for a group of students for one course?

Course coordinators/Examiners are able to enter grades for their course in batch via Osiris Lecturer/Supervisor. The step between determining the final grades and recording them in batch is so small, that it is logical for course coordinators/examiners to do this task themselves. If they need help with this, see the Osiris Lecturer manual What is a grade input file and how to use it? (OSIRIS-Lecturer)

Nevertheless, in Osiris Basis, you can also enter grades for a group of students from a course in batch. The easiest and safest way to do this, is by using a grade input file generated by Osiris.

This manual describes how to enter grades for a group of students for one course in Osiris Basis.

To enter grades for a group of students for a course, several steps need to be taken.
Here is a shortcut to each step:

Start screen

1. Go to Student > Grades > Test grades
or enter in menu bar go to menu “2.4.40” and press enter

Search the course

2. Enter the course code in search field Course
or search for a course through the magnifying glass at Course. For detailed intermediate steps, follow “How do I find my course in Osiris Basis?”, Steps 3 to 7.

NB. The current Academic Year is pre-filled under Academic Year by Osiris.

3. Click on Search

4. Click on the black arrow in front of the course code and correct Starting block

TIP If you enter the correct period in the search field Block, then you will get only one option on the left side.

Create a Grade input file

5. Click on ACTIONS

6. Click on Create file grades

7. Click Ok in the pop-up menu Create file

TIP. Osiris standard selection is All rows, but you can also select Only the selected rows. This is useful if you selected in the previous screen Test Result some students instead of all, then you will get a grade input file with only these student numbers and names.

Osiris now generates an Excel file with students that are enrolled for the test,  and sends it as download to your browser. Make sure to save the file in a secure environment.

NB. Depending on the settings of your browser, you may not be able to choose a location where the file will be saved, but may be saved to a default location (often the "Downloads" folder). If so, adjust this setting.

NB. The file will only be complete when the registration period for the course and exam is closed.

NB. This is a special Osiris Excel file which can be used for uploading the grades in batch. Something a regular Excel file cannot do!

Process the results in the Grade input file

8. Open the created file in Excel, enter the final grades in the Grade column and the test date in the Test date* column, then save the file

NB. To prevent a student from getting a wrong assessment, be careful with the order of the rows. The columns should never be adjusted or re-sorted. Osiris does not check the names with the student numbers, but only the student number and the grade.

Make sure to keep rows 1 to 8 and columns A to H exactly as they are. Otherwise Osiris cannot read the file!

NB. If the course coordinator/examiner completes the Grade input file, make sure to warn them as well!

*The Test date should be the last Friday of the period, or the actual test date or today's date. Please keep in mind that you are NEVER allowed to pre-date more than 10 workings days before today (day of registering the grades). See for more information the manual What 'Test date' do I use at grade entry?

NB. As long as you use a Date format for the Test date, it does not matter which kind of Date format!

Import Grade input file into Osiris

9. Click on Import grades in the menu ACTIONS

The pop-up screen Import grades opens.

10. Click on the magnifying class and select the Lecturer

11. Click on the calendar and select the date of today as Signed Date

12. Click on Choose File under File, and select the saved Grade input file from your own directory

13. Click on Import

NB. If the course code in the Grade input file does not match the current course code in Osiris, the system will refuse to read the file. You can never accidentally register grades in the wrong course with a grade input file!

NB. If there are grades in your Grade input file, who are already registered as final grades in Osiris, the file will be refused. When you delete these students/grades from your Grade input file, and import it again, then Osiris will accept your file.

NB. Osiris only reads the final grades. Osiris does not save the Excel file itself. You cannot find any partial grades in Osiris either. For that reason, it is advised to keep the saved Excel file in your own administration.

If anything else goes wrong, check whether you filled in the grade input file correctly, according to What is a grade input file and how to use it? (OSIRIS-Basis)

The grades are now imported and saved as draft results. You do not need to click on Save. Students cannot see their result yet, they can only see finalized results.

Please make sure to finalize the grades before the deadline of grade entry!

Finalize the draft Grades

14. Click on View > Select all rows in Test results at test. All the rows become green.

TIP. If some grades are already final, then select Draft instead of All and after that, you click on View and Select all rows. Only Draft grades will then be selected.

15. Click on Make final in the menu ACTIONS

A pop-up screen appears and Osiris checks if the students have met the enrolment requirement.

16. Click Make final to finalize the results

17. In the grey notification bar you will see the message: “Finalize test grades has been successfully executed...”
and the Status of the grades changed from Draft to Final

NB. Fixed grades are visible to the students. Now, changes can only be made by the Student Service Centre, ([email protected]).

More information on how to check if grades are made final, please see manual How do I check if a grade has been made final?