Education SupportOsirisOsiris for SecretariatsMSC THESIS, INTERNSHIP & RESEARCH PRACTICE : PROCEDURE 2021-2022 FOR STUDENTS WITHOUT A CASEHow to enter a grade for MSc Thesis/Internship/Research Practice - OLD METHOD only in cases of emergency!

How to enter a grade for MSc Thesis/Internship/Research Practice - OLD METHOD only in cases of emergency!

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2021: As of now, grades for an MSc Thesis/Internship/Research Practice may NOT be entered into Osiris Basis. This is now done by examiners in Osiris Docent with an online assessment form. 

ONLY in the event of calamities/malfunctions the method described below would be allowed to be used! When it is used in a calamity, please inform [email protected] by email on the calamity.

 The procedure shown here will be disabled in August 2023.


For MSc Thesis/Internship/Research Practice, a separate case process has been built in Osiris. One of the major advantages of this case process is that every chair group stores and archives all documents in Osiris. The implementation of the case process is done in 2 phases. For the first phase, a number of chair groups tested  the online final assessment form in Osiris Docent extensively during a pilot project, and found it to be satisfactory. Therefore, this 1st phase has been implemented at all chair groups with effect from 06 September 2021.

Only when the complete case process is operational, all documents will be stored and archived in Osiris.
Until then, there is a modified process that applies to each learning group:

  • All documents such as Learning agreements, Internship contracts, midterm assessments, Excel evaluation forms, theses/final reports etc. are (still) digitally archived by the secretariat of each chair group.
  • The secretariat registers students doing an MSc Thesis/Internship/Research Practice for the relevant course code with the correct ECTS. This task lies with the secretariat because a student can only be enroled in Osiris Basis and not via Osiris Lecturer.
  • As soon as the secretariat has registered the student for the MSc Thesis/Internship/Research Practice, the student and the corresponding final assessment form become visible in Osiris Lecturer to all examiners of the chair group. In principle, one examiner is assigned to the student at the start of the MSc Thesis/Internship/Research Practice, but should another examiner end up examining, then that is fine.

More information about the new working method can be found on the ESA Portal

For registering students, see the guide: How to enrol a student for an MSc Thesis/ Internship/Research Practice


Grade entry date and deadline

When the student of an MSc Thesis/Internship/Research Practice has completed the assessment (all documents have been handed in and the final interview has taken place) and a final result is known.

  1. Preferably enter the grade on the day it became known
  2. In any case, enter the grade in the same calendar month
  3. If this is really not possible, the grade can be entered in the next month, as long as this is within 10 working days after the final result.

NB. If the grade is finalized at a later date, the student will receive an e-mail stating that he/she has potentially graduated later. And therefore the information that he/she must disenrol via Studielink in order to receive a refund of the tuition fees comes later. The student also joins the meeting of the examination committee a month later and is forced therefore to participate in a later ceremony. And when changing academic years, a student is unnecessarily required to re-enrol and pay tuition fees. If a student has to pay extra tuition fees unjustly, this can be recouped financially from the chair group.

The grade must be entered within 10 working days from the last activity (for example, submitting the internship report).

Which course code to use? (attention: different from AIR)

Previously, the course code indicated how much ECTS the student obtained after passing the MSc Thesis/Internship/Research Practice. This is no longer the case!

MSc Thesis:
From now on, 2 codes (and in a very few cases 3) are available for an MSc Thesis. These are the same course codes you used before, ending at 24 and 36 (and in some cases also the 30).

In this new system, the last 2 digits refer to the minimum size of the MSc Thesis. When determining the examination program, the student and student advisor decide which course code this should be. You always have to check the course code with the student, before you enter the final grade.

Attention: If the wrong code is entered, the student cannot graduate because the code does not match his exam program

The course code that ended with 24 remains, the others have already disappeared or will disappear when the new academic year starts. Also here counts, you enter the course code of --24 and in the next steps you select the right number of ECTS.  

Research Practice:
hat goes for Internship, also goes for Research Practice.

All other course codes for MSc Thesis/Internship/Research Practice are canceled and no longer valid.

Example: Suppose the student's exam program contains --24. Then you take the old course code ending with --24. If the student (in consultation with the supervisor) has done a larger MSc thesis, then you choose the correct number of ECTS (see step 5 of this manual). In short, check with the student and do not rely on the Thesis Agreement or evaluation form! The examiner should inform you how many ECTS the student should get.

NB. Some course codes that have already expired, have not yet been removed from Osiris, because they were already used in the current academic year in AIR. These will be removed from Osiris after 31 August 2021.

This manual describes how to enter a grade for an MSc Thesis / Internship / Research Practice in Osiris Basis

Start Screen

1. Go to Student > Grades > Test grades
or enter in the menu bar go to menu "2440" and press enter.

2. Enter the course code in the Course search field
or search for the course by entering the 3 letter code + % and press enter, then all the courses will appear of the group are shown.

  • MSc Thesis: old course code ending at 8--24 or 8--36
  • Internship: old course code endig at 7--24
  • Research Practice: new course code: xxx79-24

NB. the current Academic year has already been entered.

3. Click on Search

4. Click on the black arrow in front of the course code

Select the required number of ECTS

5. The codes for the different ECTS appear, click on the required code, this line becomes green

6. Click on the green plus

7. A new line appears, enter the Student number, Grade, Testdate (never 10 working days in the past, see: What 'Test date' do I use at grade entry?), Examiner*. The Signed on date will fill itself with the date of today

NOTE. Leave Signed on and Degree empty. Osiris will fill these automatically!

8. Click on Save

The grade is now saved in draft, therefore not yet visible for the student. You need to finalize the result.

9. Click on ACTIONS > Make Final

10. Click on Make final

NB. The grade is now visible for the student. From now on, changes can only be made by the Student Service Centre ([email protected]).

* For many chair groups, the chair holder is the only official examiner. You can safely enter it here. If your group wishes to have more examiners, please request this at your Examination Board. When the Examination Board approves, they will inform the editors of the Study Guide. For current Academic Year they will adjust the EMC and then automatically Osiris will be adjusted as well.

If you want to check if a grade has been made final you can, please see manual How do I check if a grade has been made final?