How to enter a (new) result for an individual student - via course search

Sometimes a replacement grade has to be entered outside the period in which the student followed the course. For example, for courses where students need to hand in a report and pass an written exam. If the student did not hand in the report yet, the student received at the time, an INCOMPL (course not completed). When the student completes the report, a new grade must be registered.

The previously registered result should remain, that was the correct result at the time. So actually a result has to be added.

It is important that this new result is added in the Academic year and period in which the student  initially took the course . This can even be a number of academic years ago.

Even though you add a grade to a period in the past, you still must use a test date of today (or maximum 10 working days before today's date - date of new grade entry).

This is NOT about correcting an incorrectly entered result. Errors can only be corrected by SSC ([email protected]).

NB. These added results to previous periods can only be done in Osiris Basis and not in Osiris Docent.

Start Screen

1. Click on Student > Grades > Test grades
or enter in menu bar go to menu '2.4.40' and press enter

Select the course

2. Enter the course code in the Course search field
or search for a course via the magnifying glass under Course. For detailed intermediate steps, follow How to find a course in Osiris Basis? (steps 3-7)

3. Enter the Academic year in which the student initially took the course (Example: for Academic year 2018-2019 you enter 2018)

4. Click on Search

5. Click on the black arrow in front of the course with correct starting block

6. Click on the green plus under Test results at test, a new line appears

7. Fill in the fields Student number and Grade

NB. If this is an added grade (outside the period), then the student will now be double listed. Which is correct!
TIP. If you don't know the student number click on the magnifying glass or click on the double green plus.

8. Enter a date in Testdate that is between today (day of entry) and maximum 10 working days before today. For more information about the correct test date see manual What 'Test date' do I use at grade entry?

9. Select the Lecturer

10. Leave Signed on and Degree empty. Osiris will fill these fields automatically

11. Click on Save
The result is now saved in draft and needs to be finalized.

Finalize result

12. Click on Actions > Make final

13. In the pop-up screen, click Make final to confirm

14. Under Tests at course the Status changed from Draft to Final and in the grey notification bar is displayed: "The action 'Finalize test grades' has been successfully executed"

NB. The grade is now visible for the student. From now on, changes can only be made by the Student Service Centre ([email protected]).