How to register a grade outside campus?

For safety reasons, Osiris Basis can only be accessed via the WUR network. Registering results outside of the campus can be done in two ways:

  1. The WUR laptop must be connected to the WUR network via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Only your own WiFi network at home is not sufficient. The WUR-VPN can be activated via Forticlient in the start menu of Windows 10.
  2. From a private PC you can log on to the virtual WUR PC 'MyWorkspace' via, also here you work in a protected environment.

In the manual How to sign in to Osiris Basis? you will find the link to Osiris Basis.

For more help with Forticlient (WUR-VPN) or MyWorkspace, please contact the Servicedesk-IT via 0317-488888 or check IT-Services>Working Remotely

Results can also be entered in Osiris Docent off-campus if the course coordinator is authorised to do so. See Osiris Docent: How do you register a grade outside campus? and Who can enter grades and in which Osiris variant?