How to publish a MSc thesis by the library (eDepot)

This page describes the procedure for all theses started prior to August 2022 for which the thesis is to be published by the WUR-library.
From August 15, 2022 onwards, students that start their MSc-thesis (or Research Practice) can be registered through a new process supported by Osiris.
At the end of that process, depending on the choices by both student and chair group (both should agree), the thesis can be published without any additional administrative procedures.

This manual will therefor disappear in summer 2023 as at that time all project will run using the new procedure making this additional administrative step superfluous.

With the launch of OSIRIS, the MSc thesis archive function of the library has been discontinued. However, it is possible to offer a MSc thesis* that may become public, possibly after an embargo period, to the library (eDepot).

*In everyday use we often speak of 'MSc thesis'. On the assessment forms and in the case process, however, the following terms are used instead of 'MSc thesis':

MSc thesis: research report

MSc research practice (formerly a minor thesis): research report

MSc internship: research report (for a research internship), context report (for a professional internship)

For convenience, "MSc thesis" is used below.

If a chair group wants to make an MSc thesis public, they have to ask the student for permission first! Without the student's permission, an MSc thesis cannot be made public.

This only applies to MSc theses, not BSc theses!

Inclusion of a MSc thesis in eDepot is possible for MSc theses that may be published publicly (possibly after an embargo period) and after permission of the student via This form is available for everyone with a WUR login.

For the chair groups that are in the pilot for the case process in OSIRIS, the automated link to the library is now available. In the "Case" module in OSIRIS-Lecturer, the MSc thesis is uploaded by the supervisor. The supervisor can then indicate whether the MSc thesis may be made public (Agreement publication = No or Yes), and if so (Yes), the MSc thesis will automatically be offered via a link for placement in the eDepot; the embargo date can also be indicated (see screenshot below). After uploading the thesis some processing time is needed before the thesis becomes public. After that reports are visible at*