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How to solve problems with FortiClient/VPN?

To log into Osiris Basis (for secretarial office), you must have an activated VPN connection, for which we use FortiClient within the WUR. IT announced on 01-Mar-2022 that a new version of Forticlient is available, version 6.4.6. For more information, see IT's intranet message about this (link to intranet post).

It's a good idea to update to the new version yourself to get a more stable VPN connection. From 01-Apr-2022, IT will initiate the update centrally on your PC, if you have not already done so yourself.

Unfortunately, the new version of Forticlient does not seem to connect properly for a few employees. This also prevents you from entering Osiris Basis. This is not something the Osiris team can fix. This can only be remedied by a colleague from the IT service desk: +31 (0)317 488 888.

In this manual we explain how to activate the VPN connection, and how to see if you have the correct connection.

Logging in to FortClient

1. Open the Windows Start menu and scroll to FortiClient. Open the subfolder, and click on Forticlient

NB: The blue shield shows that you have version 6.4.6. If you have a red shield, you still have an old version. In that case, first follow the instructions on the linked IT intranet message.

2. Leave the VPN Name on WUR-SSL-VPN. Fill in your WUR-credentials to log in

3. Click on Connect

4. The VPN connection is now established. The status will stay stuck at 45%, meaning FortiClient is waiting for a 2-step authentication. This request is sent to your phone.

Check if you are connected

5. Click the arrow at the bottom right of your Windows taskbar to show hidden icons.

6. Find the blue shield. The orange lock shows that the VPN connection has been established. Only if the lock is there, the VPN is active.

If after following the steps above, you see at step 6 that you are not connected. Please contact the IT Service Desk by telephone (+31 (0)317 488 888). They can remotely help you establish the VPN connection, and fix the bug that might be preventing you from connecting.