Virtual Classroom | General information

Virtual Classroom will be phased out on 31 st of August 2022. In case you have any questions, need further support and/or solutions for recordings that need to be re-used contact us via [email protected] .

Virtual Classroom is not recommended for hybrid teaching. Due to technical issues, the recommended tool for organizing hybrid teaching is MS Teams.

Please, check the Hybrid Teaching page for further information.

Virtual Classroom provided by Bongo is an integrated tool in Brightspace that allows lecturers and students to engage each other with livestream video. Virtual Classroom enables live lectures, provides an online environment for discussion, and group work. 

In the meeting, you can make use of screen sharing and whiteboard, upload presentation, images. The other integrated functions such as polling, annotations and live chat allow engaging students and assess comprehension while in the meeting. 

Sessions in Virtual Classroom can be shared with external participants, can be recorded and published in the content of the course page. 

Virtual Classroom is not recommended to record videos that you would like to use in multiple courses or over the years. This is because Virtual Classroom recordings cannot be copied and can only be used for viewing within the Brightspace course where they took place.

If you are looking for different tools to record lectures that you could reuse in future courses, please visit the Brightspace page What's up, What's new > Content > Available Tools > Create recordings.

If you already have a recorded session in Virtual Classroom that you want to use in another course, please check Reusing Virtual Classroom recordings out of your course.

Before you start with Virtual Classroom, please read the requirements on:

Virtual Classroom has the following restrictions:

  • Maximum participants: 150
  • Maximum session time: 240 minutes
  • Maximum presentation file size: 30 MB
  • Maximum presentation slides: 200 (.pdf is recommended over .ppt(x))
  • Maximum webcams at the same time: 10
  • Maximum breakout rooms: 8 

Browser compatibility

Browsers supporting meetings via Virtual Classroom are:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge - Chromium. 

Please make sure to use an updated version of one of these browsers. For any further details on browser compatibility click here.

Internet bandwidth

Speed requirements within Virtual Classroom depend on how you connect and use the meeting. We recommend using the internet via a cable connection rather than WiFi, due to the stability of the internet. 

Below are some common use cases and their required speeds as outlined by the provider Bongo.

Note: 1Mbps = 1000kbps.

Listening only to the moderator, with no webcams shared
Participating & Viewing Moderator Webcam
You will join using your microphone and webcam, while listening to the moderator and watching their webcam
Participating & Viewing Moderator Webcam/Desktop
You will join using your microphone and webcam, while listening to others and watching the moderator’s screenshare and webcam
You will join using your microphone and webcam, plus 6 of the attendees will use their webcam and microphone


Source and further details: Bongo

Device compatibility

Recommended devices for the best quality of the meeting are: 

  • Mac/PC
  • Desktop/Laptop

On a mobile device, you can access Bongo through a browser. Supported devices are iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet. For further details on device, compatibility click here.

Still having troubles with accessing Virtual Classroom?

Sometimes, even if you made sure all the basic technical requirements for optimal use of Virtual classroom are met, there can be further issues. For troubleshooting of some of the common errors messages please review Troubleshooting by Bongo. 

Reusing Virtual Classroom recordings out of your course

Recorded Virtual Classroom sessions cannot be copied from one Brightspace course to another. Bongo does not offer the possibility to download the .mp4 file of the recording with slides, chat and camera at the same time. For this reason, it is necessary to do a workaround if you want to reuse a recorded Virtual Classroom session from one course to another.

If the Virtual Classroom session was set to be open for external guests (see Invite external participants), then you can use the external link to share the recording. Keep in mind that this recording will be accessible to anyone with the link.

If you have recorded Virtual Classroom sessions that you would like to import to another course, we suggest you to follow the next steps:

  1. Download a screen recording tool. We recommend SnagIt, available in the WUR Software Center app
  2. Start a recording of your computer screen with SnagIt
  3. Play the Virtual Classroom recorded video from your Brightspace course page and record the lecture
  4. When the new recording is ready, download the file as .mp4
  5. Upload the new .mp4 file to YuJa in your new course. Learn more about YuJa in the article How to upload a video to YuJa.

Once the new video file has been uploaded to the Multimedia server, it will remain available for several years and you will be able to access it in your future courses.

Want to know more about other similar tools available in Brightspace? Please visit: