Virtual Classroom | How to manage your presentation

Virtual Classroom allows you to share presentations, webcam, and screen with other participants of the session.

When you have the role of a Presenter you can see the button Presentations at the bottom of the slide which allows you to add presentation(s) to the meeting. You have the ability to upload any office document or PDF file. Bongo recommends PDF file for best results.

Add (presentation) file(s)

You can add files to the session of Virtual Classroom only after you start the session. It is not possible to pre-upload the files beforehand.

The maximum file size is 30MB, and the maximum number of pages/slides that can be uploaded in a Virtual Classroom presentation is 200. If your presentation exceeds these limits, consider dividing your presentation into multiple files and uploading them one after the other. (Source: Bongo)

In the meeting:

  1. Click the button Presentations
bottom screen controls

In the new window you will see a file (default.pdf) with a blue label Current. This is the white default slide you see when you open the Virtual Classroom session.

2. Select either browse for files or drag files to upload them to the Virtual Classroom meeting. You can upload more than one file.

3. Click Upload

During a Hybrid lecture PDF files are NOT recommended. The recommended pointer is not working when a PDF file is shared.

The time it takes for the system to upload and convert the files depends on their size.

4. Click the empty circle checkbox on the right hand side next to the presentation you want to show (all files you added in this view will be uploaded and available for you to switch between them. For instructions go to section Switch (presentation) file(s) of this article.

5. Click the blue button Confirm to load the selected presentation for the participants to see.

Select from uploaded file the one you want to present, then click Confirm

Switch (presentation) file(s)

If you have more file you wish to present in the meeting you can upload them at once, and later switch between them.

To switch the presented file for another one:

1. Click Presentation again

bottom screen controls

In the new window:

2. Click the empty circle checkbox on the right hand side next to the presentation you want to present this time

3. Click Confirm

Select from uploaded file the one you want to present, then click Confirm

The presentation will be loaded in the view now.

Manage your slides

Once you load your presentation it will replace the default white slide. Below the slide you will see functions allowing you to manage your slides.

Presentation slide view
1. Select slide

This function gives you the option to jump directly between non-consecutive slides.

2. Next/Previous slide

This function allows you to go to the next slide or return to the previous one.

3. Zoom in/out

You can zoom in and out the slide view if needed using the buttons plus and minus.

4. Fit to width / Fit to page

Click this button to change how the presentation fits the page view. The default view is fitted to page.

5. Make Presentation fullscreen

Click this button to make your presentation fullscreen.

This is a personal setting, therefore it will appear fullscreen only for the user who opts for clicking the button.

Manage your screen view

In the Virtual Classroom session, you are able to manage how you see your webcam and your presentation on the screen.

The following options are personal settings so it will only change for you, not for how each student sees their screen.

Presentation slide view

1. Resize the view ratio of webcam and slides

To resize the webcam and presentation slide screen view:

  1. Click the two horizontal lines between the webcam and the presentation slide
  2. Drag with the mouse
    • downwards to minimize the presentation slides and make the webcam views larger
    • upwards to maximize the presentation slide and make the webcam views smaller

2. Hide/Unhide the presentation slides

It is also possible to hide the presentation slides completely from the view and only leave the webcam stream visible.

1. Click the blue icon in the upper right corner of the slide to hide the slides

Presentation slide - hide

The webcam becomes prominent in the screen and another new blue icon appears in the bottom left corner of the screen.

2. Click the blue Presentation icon to unhide the slides.

Presentation slide - unhide

You now know how to manage your presentation in Virtual Classroom!