What is my role?

As a 'Secretaresse van Promotor', you do not have an active role in the registration phase. This article details the steps undertaken by other actors in this phase, leading up to the email you receive that notifies you that the registration has been changed into a traject.

What has been done by PhD Candidate, Doctoral Service Centre and Graduate School before I have to make registration definitive?

These are all steps taken by other actors, you do not have a role in this process!

  1. The registration of the PhD candidate has been initiated by the Graduate School (this is based on information provided by the chair group). 
    • This includes adding: 
      • Basic information concerning the PhD candidate (Name, email) 
      • Department, graduate school, chair group, promotor(s), co-promotor(s),estimated start- and finish date for PhD project. 
      • VNSU type 
      • Requirement of appointment by university 
  2. The PhD Candidate has complemented the registration info after a request of the Graduate school. 
    • This concerns: 
      • Adding or altering information entered by graduate school. 
      • Uploading of required documents (including language test, degrees and certificates and an ID) 
  3. The registration info of the PhD candidate has been finalized by the Graduate School. 
    • The Graduate school assesses the information concerning registration and if sufficient sends an approval request for the PhD candidate registration to the Doctoral Service Centre.
  4. The Doctoral Service Centre has approved the registration of the PhD candidate. 
    • The Doctoral Service Centre checks the information of PhD candidate: 
      • Certification (degrees) 
      • Language test 
      • (Optional) Adds or approves specific QE
      • Judges if the registration can be approved 
      • If approved: a request for making registration definitive is sent to the secretariat of a chair group.
  5. The Chairgroup Secretary makes the registration definitive.

What is my role during the registration process of the PhD candidate?

As secretary of the promotor, you will occasionally receive emails informing you about the status of the PhD candidate in the registration process.

There are no steps you need to undertake!

The most important part for you is that you receive an email notifying you that the registration has been changed into a project. This means that the candidate is approved and now can start the PhD project.


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