How to edit interviews

As a 'secretaresse van Promotor', you are allowed to edit interviews. These include Go/No-Go interviews, annual meetings and more. This article guides you through the steps of editing an interview.

Please note that you can not submit these interviews (if applicable)!

Where can I find the function to edit interviews?

You can find the 'Interviews' tab under the 'PhD projects' page.

On this page, you can select a specific interview you want to edit. This will bring you to a page displaying details of the interview. Here, you can edit the interview.

How do I edit an interview?

At the interview page, there are several things you can edit, listed under different headings

Under the heading 'Agreement', you can edit the date & time of the interview, select if the participants approved the date and select if the discussion has taken place.

Under the heading 'Properties', you can edit: the PhD project the interview is scheduled for, the type of interview, the result of the interview and add comments about the interview.

Under the heading 'Participants', you can delete or edit participants, or add new participants.

Under the heading 'Files', you can upload documents from your computer, such as an interview report. You can upload a document by selecting 'Browse'.

Under the headings 'Information' and 'Approvals', you cannot edit anything!

To save your edits, you select the save button at the bottom of the page.

What happens after I have edited an interview?

After you have saved your edit, the page will refresh and show you a notification that the interview has been updated.

Participants of the interview will not be notified of this update! In case of updating important information, such as a change of date, you will have to update the participants manually.


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