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How to propose members for the Assessment Committee?

Wageningen University & Research builds an inclusive organisation on all fronts. It is therefore urged to consider diversity, equity and inclusion when assembling an assessment committee. We strive to have diverse assessment committees compromised of people of all genders.

Submission of the proposal for composition of the Assessment Committee is possible after the supervisor's approval of the manuscript is completed. You will receive an email notification.

Registering the proposal for the composition of the Assessment Committee can be fulfilled by either the first supervisor or the Secretary of promoter.

In case of a cum laude procedure the same steps need to be taken to submit a proposal for referees.

Navigate to assessment page

Once you have approved the PhD candidate's manuscript for assessment you will receive an email asking you to submit a proposal for the Assessment Committee.

On your dashboard you will also find a new task 'Propose assessment committee for (name PhD)'.

Propose the members

The Committee consists of four members. If the PhD project is a Joint Doctorate, the Committee can be composed of more than four members (max 6).

Click 'Add member to proposal'. A new screen opens. 

Step 1:

- Enter the surname of the person you wish to add.
- Select the relevant person in the list.
- Click on the button 'Next step'. You will go to Step 3.

If they are not recognised and you cannot select the relevant person, click on the button 'Next step'. You will go to Step 2.


Step 2:

- A new person card has been created from the surname just entered.
- Fill out the personal details and other required information such as affiliation and address.
- Click on the button 'Next step'. You will go to Step 3.


Step 3:

- Indicate the rank number.
- Fill out the substantiation (not mandatory).
- Check the personal details such as affiliation and address.
- Click the button 'Add'

You will return to the Proposal Assessment Committee page where you can add the next committee member to the proposal.

Click on the blue icons at the end of the record to check and update the personal data. Records with the green icon cannot be updated in Hora Finita; these need to be updated by the HR department.

If you want to remove a person from the table, click on the red circle with a minus sign in it, it can be found in the rightmost row of the table.

When you have added the fourth committee member, you will receive the following message.

  • Click 'Next' to submit the proposal.
  • If you wish to check the completed assessment committee before submission, click 'Back' to return to the Assessment Committee page
  • Also click 'Back' if it's required to add a fifth or sixth assessment committee member in case of a
    Joint Doctorate.

In case you clicked the button 'Back', don't forget to click 'Request approval for composition' when the assessment committee is completed!

If you request approval before you have added enough members you will receive the following message:

Request approval for composition

When you have clicked the 'Request approval for composition' button, you will see the following pop-up:

If you click the 'OK' button, an approval process will be started. An email will be sent to the Doctoral Service Centre.

What happens after I requested approval?

  • After you submit the proposal, the Doctoral Service Centre will receive an email asking them to review the proposal made for the Assessment Committee
  • The Doctoral Service Centre can disapprove or approve the proposal. In case the Doctoral Service Centre disapproves the proposal, you will have to submit a new proposal
  • If the Doctoral Service Centre approves the proposal, the approved committee members will be invited by email to assess the thesis
  • Subsequently, the first supervisor and involved offices will be notified that the Assessment Committee has been approved
  • The PhD candidate receives a notification and will be asked to hand in their propositions for assessment.


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