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How to make the PhD candidate registration definitive?

What has been done by PhD Candidate, Doctoral Service Centre and Graduate School before I have to make registration definitive?

  1. The registration of the PhD candidate has been initiated by the Graduate School (this is based on information provided by the chair group). 
    • This includes adding: 
      • Basic information concerning the PhD candidate (Name, email) 
      • Department, graduate school, chair group, supervisor(s), co-supervisor(s),estimated start- and finish date for PhD project. 
      • VNSU type 
      • Requirement of appointment by university 
  2. The PhD Candidate has complemented the registration info after a request of the Graduate school. 
    • This concerns: 
      • Adding or altering information entered by graduate school. 
      • Uploading of required documents (including language test, degrees and certificates and an ID) 
  3. The registration info of the PhD candidate has been finalized by the Graduate School. 
    • The Graduate school assesses the information concerning registration and if sufficient sends an approval request for the PhD candidate registration to the PhD office.  
  4. The DSC office has approved the registration of the PhD candidate. 
    • The Doctoral Service Centre checks the information of PhD candidate: 
      • Certification (degrees) 
      • Language test 
      • (Optional) Adds or approves specific QE 
      • Judges if the registration can be approved 
      • If approved: a request for making registration definitive is sent to the secretariat of a chair group. 

After all the above has been completed, the chair group secretariat has to make the registration definitive.

How do I make the PhD candidate registration definitive?  

1. The chair group secretariat has to approve the registration before this registration becomes final. The secretariat of the chair group identified in Hora Finita will receive an email asking you to judge the registration and to make it definitive. An example of such an email is shown below. By clicking the link in the email, you are taken to the Hora Finita page. 

If you are asked for a security code on this page, you can click ‘request a code  by email’. This 6-number code will then be send to your email within a few minutes.

2. On the page you are directed to, you can see all the registered info of the PhD candidate and the proposed promotion traject. Here, you can check if all info is complete and correct, or if information is missing or incorrect. 

3. You are also required to set the ‘start date’ for the provisional admission of the PhD candidate by checking (and if needed modifying) the field ‘start date’. 

4. After checking the registered info, you have 2 options: 

Approve registration. You do this by clicking the ‘approve button’. The graduate school, Doctoral Service Centre and PhD candidate will be notified of this decision via email.  

Disapprove registration. This is done by clicking the 'reject button’. You will be send to a page confirming the rejection. All people involved will receive this information, including the Graduate School. They will either resolve the issues themselves, or notify the PhD candidate to resolve them.  

After the issues are resolved, you will once again receive an email asking you to judge the registration and to make it definitive.

What happens after I made the registration definitive?

After you approved the registration, you and other involved parties (PhD candidate, (co)promotor(s), Doctoral Service Centre, Graduate School, Head of Chairgroup and HR (if applicable) will receive an email notifying that the registration will be changed into a traject

Note: if you do not receive this email it may be that the email address of the chair group is not set correctly.