About Society Based Education

Society Based Education (SBE) supports teachers at WUR with integrating real-life learning into their courses. Being at the interface between education at WUR and society, our work is two-fold:

  1. We offer training and support to teachers regarding all things related to real-life learning and its integration into their courses.
  2. We contribute to creating an impact in society by offering any societal actor access to (student) research.

Our team is well-equipped to support teachers in their real-life learning journey: Our educational advisors have extensive knowledge of real-life learning and its integration into curricula, and offer personalized advice as well as workshops to equip teachers with relevant skills for real-life learning. Our relationship and process managers keep a broad network of societal actors that can provide real cases, acting as matchmakers and translators: from a real challenge or question to a fitting case for your course. 

Together, we offer a comprehensive service where we support teachers with the design, implementation, and execution of real-life learning within their courses.

Learn more about our roles below.

Team Society Based Education

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