Introduction to the Design process

But how do you (as a teacher of course coordinator) start with embedding Real Life Learning  (RLL) in your course?

The tool we present here, the RLL-design tool, is used to design this type of learning and can also be used to create a dialogue amongst course coordinators and others regarding the design and implementation of society engaged learning and what it should entail across different study programs and educational levels. As in all forms of education, Constructive Alignment is key here: make sure that the form of teaching matches your learning objectives, your learning activities and assessment (and that all three elements are aligned).

The RLL design tool can help you embed Real Life Learning in your course: it consists of 6 steps, which you need to repeat and tweak while designing your course. The six steps are:  

Flow chart

Want to start with setting the stage?

▶ Go to STEP 1 : Setting the stage


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