How to review a TSP?

Once the PhD candidate has submitted their TSP for review the approval process will be started with the Graduate School receiving an email asking to asses the PhD candidate's TSP.

Option 1: Reminder email

Click on the link contained in the email to go directly to the TSP.

1. You can download the TSP by clicking on the 'Download' button.

2. If the TSP is resubmitted, you can find the old TSP by clicking on the 'Previous version'.

3. Once you finished reviewing the TSP, you can fill in the result under 'Assessment'.

4. You submit the review by clicking on the 'Submit' button.

After your approval/rejection of the TSP, the PhD candidate will receive an email informing them about their result.

If you have rejected the PhD candidate's TSP or the candidate wishes to make changes to his TSP, he can re-submit it for review again. This will restart the TSP approval process and you will again be notified via an email.

Where can I find the TSP

You can find the TSP by going to the right PhD project and clicking the 'TSP' tab.

You can download the TSP by using the 'Download' button.

If the TSP is approved/rejected it will be shown in the 'assessment' box.

Do not complete the TSP review via this screen, only review the TSP using the link in the email you receive!


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