Go/NoGo interview

General information

A Go/NoGo interview is an interview where the PhD candidate will be assessed on elements related to the performance as a PhD candidate. After the interview, a member of the supervision team fills out a Go/NoGo form. After submission of the form, the first supervisor is first in line to formally approve the result of the Go/NoGo, followed by the chair group leader.

Please note:

  • A Go/NoGo form cannot be submitted in case requirements have not yet been fulfilled or a required TSP has not yet been approved;
  • If a PhD candidate has an appointment, the interview is called Go/NoGo RA instead of Go/NoGo interview;
  • If a definite date has not yet been decided, those involved will receive an e-mail to schedule it:

The Graduate School will receive an email after the approval of the chair group leader.

After successful completion of the Go/NoGo procedure, the PhD student can complete the PhD track.

In case the PhD candidate is employed at WU, the Human Resources department will receive an email that they can extend the employment contract.

Follow up Go/NoGo

A new interview (follow up Go/NoGo) will be automatically created after the Go/NoGo decision. The PhD candidate will get an email asking them to fill in the ‘acknowledgment of receipt Go/NoGo form’.  With this form, they can let those involved know whether they agree or disagree with the decision taken.

After the PhD candidate submitted their follow up Go/NoGo interview, the email is send:

The PhD candidate will get a reminder email if they did not fill in the form and submitted the interview.


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