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How does the graduation process look like in Hora Finita?

How does the graduation process look like in Hora Finita?

The graduation phase in Hora Finita follows a sequence of steps after the supervisor planned the PhD Defence Ceremony. The PhD candidate can then submit their manuscript and authorship statement to the PhD supervisor for review.

  1. The PhD supervisor judges if the manuscript and authorship statement is ready for assessment by the Manuscript Committee.
  2. On request the PhD supervisor proposes members for the Assessment Committee.
  3. The proposed composition goes through an approval process.
  4. Once appointed the Assessment Committee members assess the thesis and also consider if is it worthy to be considered for 'cum laude'.
  5. Should it be considered 'cum laude' worthy a separate process will be started where two external referees (to be suggested by the first supervisor) will be asked to asses the manuscript. After this, a decision is made whether or not the cum laude procedure will be continued.
  6. Following approval of the manuscript, the PhD candidate will be asked to submit the title pages and cover. Upon submitting their title pages and cover the PhD Office will review it.

Role of Graduate School

The Graduate School won't have an active role in the graduation phase. They will receive e-mails to inform them about the status of a PhD project. For example, whether the thesis and authorship have been approved.

To view the ceremony calendar, you can navigate to a candidate's project, and then the ceremony tab. On this page is a link to the 'View PhD ceremony calender' button.