How to propose modification of supervisor team

As a Graduate School, you can submit a change request to adjust the supervision team. This request must then be approved by the first supervisor, the PhD candidate and Doctoral Service Centre. This article will guide you through this process.

Where can I submit a change request?

First, you go to the PhD projects overview page and select the PhD project for which you want to propose modification. Navigate to the '(Co)Supervisors' tab. Here you will find the 'Propose change of supervisors' function.

On the following page 'Proposal members supervisor team' you can propose new supervisors, co-supervisors and other team members. You can also add a comment about your proposal and see which actors are involved in the approval process. 

With the 'Copy current members' button you can copy the current supervisors into this proposal. Skipping this step will delete the entire current situation!! 

Adding supervisors

Once you have clicked the 'Copy current members' function, you can make the desired changes. 

It could be that a person you're trying to add does not exist in Hora Finita yet, in that case
add a new person via the pop-up 'add new person'.

Submitting the proposal

1. Please pay attention that the affiliation and ranking are correct. You can adjust the ranking by using the arrows (that appear when you move your mouse cursor in the column 'rank') for example when the proposal comprises the 2nd supervisor becoming the 1st supervisor.

2. We recommend adding a note to the section Commentary to inform involved parties of this change request.

3. The Approval section displays who is part of the approval process.

Once you have entered the changes and the commentary, you have the option to save the change proposal as a draft (Save), or complete the process by clicking Submit prososal.


What happens after I propose a modification of the project team?

After the change request is submitted, the first supervisor will receive an email as the first actor in the approval process to review the proposal.

Once all actors have given an approval, all parties involved in the PhD track are informed. The supervision team members, the research school and chair group).

he change proposal must then be approved by the PhD candidate and the Doctoral Service Centre. Once all actors have given an approval, all parties involved in the PhD track are informed (the supervision team members, the research school and the chair group).

Where can I find the motivation if the request is rejected?

If an actor, who is part of the approval process, rejects the change proposal, the process starts all over again. The proposer of the modification must revise the request based on the motivation.

Follow the link in the email received below:

The motivation can be found below:


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