How to register MSc courses?

If a PhD candidate needs to sign up for MSc courses, the Graduate school or the Chair group secretary have the option in Hora Finita to generate the Course  registration form. The procedure is as follows:

  1. The Graduate school or Chair group secretary generates the 'Course registration form' document;
  2. The document is automatically made available in the PhD candidates environment for downloading;
  3. The PhD candidate downloads and completes the document (Any signatures are done outside Hora Finita);
  4. The PhD candidate mails the filled-in document to the Graduate school, which, after checking it, uploads it into Hora Finita;
  5. After uploading, the Graduate school clicks the 'Email student administration' button at the bottom of the PhD project page;
  6. An e-mail is created with the document automatically attached. The Graduate school can review the e-mail first and then send it.

Please note: both the Graduate school and the Chair group secretary can generate the course document, but only the Graduate School is involved in steps after generating this document!

Generating the Course Registration Form document

Navigate to the PhD candidate's project and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on the Generate documents button.

Select the box Course Registration Form and click the Generate selected documents button.

A Word file is created in Hora Finita and is now available for the PhD candidate to download at Documents, for further completion.

Upload the filled-in Course Registration form

Once a candidate has completed the form and sent it to the Graduate school, the document must be then added to the project under Documents. The already existing document can be deleted.

IMPORTANT: Select document type studentenadministratie. This is necessary to automatically add the document as an attachment to the email to SSC.

Sending the Course Registration form to SSC

Through the function button Email student administration, a default email is generated.

The email template can be customised. If all is correct, click Send.