What is a Qualifying Exam (QE) ?

General information

The qualifying exam is an examination required for certain students to prove their preparedness and capabilities to apply and synthesize the skills and knowledge during the graduate program. A qualifying exam is mandatory if your degree does not fulfil the entree requirements of WU. The supervisor will establish a QE which needs to be approved by the Doctoral Service Centre before a PhD candidate can execute a QE.

How to add courses in a Qualifying Exam

After the QE is set up by the Doctoral Service Centre, a supervisor can add courses to the QE.

1. Navigate to your dashboard

2. Select the right task under 'Tasks'.

You can now enter the courses for the QE by 'content'.

If you are ready to submit the approval process click on the 'Submit' button.

The PhD Office will receive an email asking them to review the QE.

If the PhD office approves the QE, the PhD candidate can perform the QE.

If the Doctoral Service Centre rejects the QE you will receive an email informing you they rejected the QE. You will be asked to make the necessary changes and resubmit the QE. You can follow the previous steps for this.

The Doctoral Service Centre will approve or reject the QE after the PhD candidate has performed his/her QE and submitted his/her QE document.