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How to submit a non-payroll promovendi agreement in Hora Finita?

Introduction - Mandatory requirement for non-payroll PhD candidates

  1. This is a requirement for trajectories starting from 01-01-2023 in provisional admission;
  2. It is a requirement for the supervisor to upload the agreement;
  3. The Doctoral Service Centre  will review the document and give an approval/disapproval. This is because it is part of the admission;
  4. The deadline for fulfilling this obligation is 26 weeks (within 6 months) after the start of the PhD trajectory (this is in line with the deadlines for the Research Proposal and Data Management Plan);
  5. The consequence of not adding the agreement: the Go/NoGo form cannot be submitted!

The template contracts are available via the legal department.

Submit agreement

Once the PhD candidate's registration is completed and converted into a PhD Project, the requirement 'Submit Non-payroll agreement' is created. You will receive the following email:

Go to your dashboard in Hora Finita. Here you can find a new task.

Click on the task and it will take you directly to the requirement. Here you can upload the agreement as an attachment. Please 'Submit' and a request will be send to the PhD office.

The following confirmation will follow:

Requirement rejected

If the agreement is rejected you will receive the following email.

Return to your dashboard and open the task again. Here you can delete the attachment and upload a new version of the agreement.

Then please click 'Submit' again. The Doctoral Service Centre will receive a new request.

Requirement approved

If the agreement is approved you will receive the following email.

The PhD candidate will also be informed of the result by email.

The approved requirement is also updated on the PhD Checklist.


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