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How to review a PhD candidate's manuscript in Hora Finita?

Please note that a PhD candidate can only upload the manuscript after you (supervisor) or your secretary reserved a PhD ceremony slot.

Step 1: Navigate to the manuscript

Once a PhD candidate has submitted the manuscript for review, you will receive an email notifying you of the candidate's submission. This email will contain a link directly to the manuscript page.

You will also find a new task on your dashboard in Hora Finita. Click on the task 'Assess manuscript from (name PhD) as supervisor' to go to the manuscript page.  

Step 2: Review the manuscript

You can download the manuscript PDF and the authorship statement using the 'Download' button

Please indicate which rubric has to be used to evaluate the manuscript by the Assessment Committee.

Once the manuscript has been reviewed: fill in how the promotion premiums will be divided over the participating chair groups. The total percentage should be 100%.

Please note that at this stage you as being first supervisor have to indicate the division of the promotion premiums over the participating chair groups.

Mandatory questions are indicated by a *.

In the assessment section you can either choose to approve or not approve the manuscript.

Add your motivation for approving the manuscript or for not approving it in the comment section.

At the bottom of the page you can recommend starting a cum laude process.

The opponents will validate the manuscript and also check whether it is applicable. After their approval of Cum Laude, the Doctoral Service Centre will initiate the Cum Laude procedure.

Once you have completed you assessment click on the 'Submit assessment' button at the bottom of the page.

You will then receive the following message:

The PhD candidate will receive the following email:

As PhD supervisor you will receive an email, asking you to submit your proposal for the Assessment Committee.

The recommendation for the composition of the Assessment Committee can be completed by your secretary before you evaluate the manuscript. However, you have to submit the proposal for the Assessment Committee.

After the Assessment Committee is submitted and approved by the PhD office an email will be sent to the Assessment Committee asking them to review the manuscript. After they reviewed the manuscript and submitted their results, an email will be sent to the PhD office asking them to review the manuscript.


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