How to review a Data Management Plan (DMP)?

Once the PhD candidate submitted their research proposal, you can review it.

Only the first supervisor will review and judge a data management plan from a PhD candidate. If the data management plan is approved, the PhD candidate will receive an email of the approval.  

After the PhD candidate submitted their Data Management Plan you will receive the following email:

You can go to their DMP by clicking the link in the email or going to your dashboard.

Here you can find a new task underneath 'Tasks':

Click on the task and it will directly take you to their DMP.

Here you can download the DMP by clicking on the 'Download' button.

After reviewing the DMP, you can give your feedback and add comments underneath 'Feedback'

You can submit your results by clicking on the 'Submit'

You will be directed to your dashboard and will receive the following message:

The PhD candidate will receive an email informing them about their approval/rejection.


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