How to submit a Go/No Go interview?

After the Go/No Go interview two items need to be submitted: a questionnaire and a Go/No Go decision. If a Go-decision is not submitted properly, HR is not notified about the extension of the contract! This could potentially lead to an accidental and unnecessary dismissal when a contract is not extended.

General information

A Go/No Go interview is an interview where the PhD candidate will be assessed on elements related to the performance as a PhD candidate.
After the interview, a member of the supervisor team fills out the questionnaire and the Go/No Go decision. The first supervisor is ultimately responsible for submitting this correctly.
After submission, first the supervisor needs to give formal approval, followed by the chair group leader.

Please note:

  • A Go/No Go form cannot be submitted in case requirements have not yet been fulfilled or a required TSP has not yet been approved;
  • If a PhD candidate has an appointment, the interview is called Go/No Go RA instead of Go/No Go interview;
  • If a definite date has not yet been decided, those involved will receive an e-mail to schedule it:

Step 1: Go/No Go questionnaire

After the interview you can fill in the Go/No Go questionnaire. You can find this questionnaire via different ways.

Option 1: Dashboard

1. Navigate to your dashboard

2. Click on the 'Questionnaire: Evaluation form go/ no go decision' underneath Tasks.

This will directly take you to the form.

Option 2: Questionnaire  tab

1. Click on the 'Progress' tab.

2. Click on the 'Questionnaires' tab.

3. Then click the right questionnaire which directly takes u to fill in the form.

Option 3: Dashboard PhD candidate

Navigate to your dashboard and select the right PhD candidate. This will take you to their dashboard.

1. Click on the right questionnaire under 'Questionnaires'.

2. You could also click on the Go/No go interview under 'Progress interview'. This will take you to the interview page.

If you scroll down you can see the required questionnaire for that interview.

If you finalised the questionnaire click the 'Save' button below.

Mandatory questions are indicated by a *.

Step 2: Go/No Go decision

After you filled in the questionnaire you can navigate to the Go/No Go interview by going to the dashboard of your PhD candidate.

Click on the 'Go/No Go' interview underneath 'Progress interview'. This will directly take you to the interview page.

1. You now can fill in the result of the interview (Go or No Go) and add comments if necessary. 
It's important not to forget this step!

2. You can also upload the interview report and attachments.

3. Check whether the 'type of interview' is correct: Go/No Go RA for employed PhD, Go/No Go for non-payroll PhD.

Submit the interview

At the bottom of the interview page you have 4 options:

  1. Click on 'Save' to save the interview and go back to the previous page.
  2. Click on 'Save' to save the interview and stay on the interview page.
  3. Click on ‘Submit interview’ to submit the interview.
  4. Click on 'Back' to go back to the previous page.

If not all requirements have been met you won't be able to submit the interview. The missing requirements will be mentioned down below on the review page.

In case the research proposal has not been fulfilled please contact the graduate school!

Approval process

First, the supervisor grants the formal approval, followed by the chair group holder

The following email will be sent to those involved, if the interview is approved or rejected:

If a PhD candidate passed the Go/No Go procedure, they can now finalize their PhD track.

In case the PhD candidate is employed at WU, the Human Resources department will receive an email that they can extend the employment contract.

Follow up Go/No Go

A new interview (follow up Go/No Go) will be automatically created after the go/no go decision. The PhD candidate will get an email asking them to fill in the ‘acknowledgement of receipt Go/No Go form’.  With this form, they can let those involved know whether they agree or disagree with the decision taken.