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About Educational Video and Support Options

Contact information

  • For questions about the Knowledge Clips Studio you can contact [email protected]
  • For questions about Weblectures (and livestreams), recordings in Omnia and recordings of other educational events on campus you can contact [email protected]
  • For general questions about YuJa, Brightspace, hybrid lecturing and other subjects you can contact [email protected].

Topics that we can help you with

The Educational Media team can help you with the following issues:

  • General questions about Educational Video
  • Specific questions on functionality, such as Knowledge Clips Studio, YuJa, and WurScheduler
  • Requests for recordings on campus
  • Advice on how to make awesome educational videos


To learn more about YuJa in Brightspace you can consult these articles EXTERNAL LEARNING TOOLS: YuJa


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