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YuJa | How to share videos in YuJa

With YuJa, you can share your media with both internal and external users. There are three key methods to share content within YuJa.

In this article you will learn

The information you find in this article is meant for videos of which you are owner of or if the videos have been shared with you with edit or full access.

If you would like to make your videos available to everyone at WUR or publicly, please send a request to [email protected].

How to share videos One-to-One

You can use this method to easily share content on an individual basis and customize the access level with other internal users in YuJa.

  1. Log into YuJa
Log in
  1. Hover over the media you would like to share with other internal users and select Share
click share
  1. Type in the name of the user you would like to share the media with
  2. Configure the Access Level for that user
    • Full Access: Allow the user to access, make changes, and delete media
    • Edit Access: Allow the user to access and make changes to the media
    • Edit Caption Access: Allow the user to edit captions and make changes to the media
    • Read Only: Allow the user to access and view the media
  3. Once done, select Share
  4. Click Save to share
share this resource tab

You can access your shared videos from the Shared with Others tab on the left-hand menu. Additionally, any videos shared with you will appear in the Shared With Me tab. 

share options menu

How to publish videos to the Media Channels

The following instructions serve as well for publishing media from one YuJa channel to another. For example: when you want to publish weblectures or knowledge clips from last year's course to this year's course channel in YuJa.

You can publish your media to all members enrolled in a media channel.

  1. Log into YuJa
log in
  1. Hover over the media you would like to publish with other internal users and select Publish
click publish
  1. Choose the desired course channel, or sub-channel if applicable
  2. Click Additional Options to set a visible and invisible date. This feature allows you to set up content on a predefined publishing schedule
  3. Click Select to publish
publish options

You can share your content with external users by obtaining the links.

We recommend sharing your content in Brightspace using the YuJa Media Chooser to ensure the security/privacy

  1. Log into YuJa
Log in
  1. Hover over the media you would like to share with other external users and select More... to open the Media Details panel
click more...
  1. Navigate to the Links tab
  2. Click the Copy to Clipboard icon for the Embed Code or the Direct Link
  3. Share the Embed Code or the Direct Link with any external user that you wish
media details tab - share links

By configuring the Security Settings, you can choose who and how your media can be accessed outside of YuJa. Security Settings can be set for both media folders or each individual media. With Security Settings, you will be able to set a variety of access restrictions for your media.

  1. Hover over the media you wish to change the Security Settings for and click More....
click more...
  1. Navigate to the Links tab
  2. Click Security Settings
Links and Security settings
  1. Below is the list of available settings you can configure for their shared media
    • Private: Make the media private and inaccessible to other users when accessing them via a direct link or the embedded code
    • Public: Make the media public and accessible to other users

The default security setting is Private

  1. Once the Security Settings are set to Public, Content Creators can put in Additional Restrictions for their shared media.
    • Password or Authentication Restriction: Set a password or require users to login to access the shared media
    • Date Restriction: Set a date range the media content will be available for
    • IP Range and Address Restriction: Set the specific IP ranges where the shared media will be accessible
    • Location Restriction: Set the geographic restriction where the shared media can be accessed
    • Domain Restriction: Set the domains where the shared media can only accessible from
  2. Click Save once done to apply all the changes
Security settings

Now you know how to share videos in YuJa.


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