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YuJa | How to capture your screen using YuJa Software Capture

In this article, we're going to take a closer look at YuJa Software Capture, which is a tool for capturing what's on your screen. It's like a virtual camera that can record videos of your lectures, presentations, and other teaching materials. Afterwards, you can share these videos with your students using platforms like YuJa or Brightspace.

Getting Started with the Software Capture Application

  1. Change Video Sources
  2. Change Audio Sources
  3. Change Screen Sources
  4. Enable or Disable Live Streaming
  5. Select Capture Profiles or add a new Capture Profile
  6. Title of the Recording
  7. Choose Media Channels to publish live stream and/or recorded content
  8. Choose a Folder where you would like your captured media to be stored
  9. Settings
  10. Help
  11. Check for Updates
  12. Video Source
  13. Video Source - 2
  14. Audio Source
  15. Cancel Capture and close window
  16. Start Screen Capture

Starting your Recording

  1. Make any necessary recording selections, including video, audio, and screen
  2. Provide a title of the recording
  3. Press the Start button to begin your capture

When you press the Start button, you’ll have three seconds before recording begins. Use this time to bring up your files or presentation material on-screen, if you’re capturing your screen. Proceed with your recording – try to speak clearly and naturally!

  1. Stop by clicking the Finish button on the Software Capture application, the Recording Toolbar or using the hotkey sequence. Hotkeys can be configured in Settings.

Using the Recording Toolbar

The Recording Toolbar provides an easy and moveable way on your screen, to pause or stop a Video Platform recording.

  1. Press the Pause button to pause the Software Capture application. Press Play when ready to resume recording.
  2. Select the Stop button to stop your recording.
  3. Adjust your audio using the Mic settings.
  4. Click and drag the recording toolbar to another area on your screen.

Deleting, Posting or Saving your Capture

When you complete your recording, you have some options available. If you have selected a Channel, you will have three options; Post, Save and Delete. If you do not choose a Channel, you will only see the Save and Delete options.

  1. Press Post to post your file to a selected Channel.
  2. Press Delete if you don’t want to keep the file.
  3. Choose Save to save your capture recording to My Media

Screen Source Display Settings in YuJa Software Capture

By default, YSC will capture your primary monitor. If you wish to capture a selected area of your screen, both of your displays, or the secondary monitor, select Display Settings under Screen Source before starting the recording.

Here you can select your screen capture monitor, to capture both displays, or a selected area.

You can click on the Settings if you wish to set the frame rate, video quality or bit rate.

Using the Annotation Toolbar in Software Capture for PC

The annotation Toolbar is not yet available on the Apple version of YuJa Software Capture

The Annotation Toolbar can be displayed at the bottom of your screen for use through the application window or the Recording Toolbar. 

  1. To access the Annotation Toolbar from the Software Capture application, select the drop-down arrow next to Screen and toggle on Show Annotation Toolbar.
  2. To enable the Annotation Toolbar during a recording, locate the Recording Toolbar at the bottom-right of your screen.
  3. Click the double arrows and then select Show Annotation Toolbar.

The Annotation Toolbar has a variety of features that allow you to draw, highlight, and erase on your screen.

Number Name Function
1 Eraser Remove a portion of a stroke
2 Thin Pen
Draw with a thin line at 2px
3 Medium Pen
Draw with a thick line at 5px
4 Highlighter
Highlight words or items on the screen
5 Shapes
Select from a variety of shapes to add to the screen. Shapes include a line, rectangle, ellipse, diamond, arrow, star, right-angle triangle, and isosceles triangle
6 Eraser Stroke
Remove an entire stroke
7 Select
Encircle a stroke to select it, allowing the stroke to be resized, moved, or deleted
8 Clear All
Removes all strokes from the screen
9 Thickness
Alter the pen thickness from 1px to 20px
10 Cursor Mode
Switch back from annotation mode to cursor mode
11 Custom Pen Color
Select a custom pen color from a color wheel
12 Pen Colors
Select from a list of standard colors, including black, blue, green, orange, and red

Enabling the Mouse Effect for YuJa Software Capture for PC Application

The mouse effect is not yet available in the Apple version of YuJa Software Capture

With the Mouse Effect enabled in the YuJa Software Capture for PC application, instructors are able to provide an enhanced visual experience when navigating their presentation. The mouse effect can be enabled through the Profiles settings.

Creating Profiles for the Software Capture Application

The YuJa Software Capture application allows for recording settings to be set as profiles. This allows content creators to quickly select a preferred recording profile for their subsequent recordings instead of adjusting settings for individual recordings. These profiles can be created and configured in both the PC and Apple versions of YSC.


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