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The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform (YuJa) is an all-in-one video experience that allows the secure creation, management, discovery, collaboration, and live streaming of video content across any device at any time. YuJa also integrates into WUR's existing enterprise systems including Brightspace, SSO, and intranet. YuJa manages and distributes all knowledge clips, user-generated content, and Weblectures for the WUR, both within and outside Brightspace.

Within YuJa you can search for videos, view them, change some of the characteristics while watching them. But also, you can create playlists, store videos, create links to them and if you create videos yourself, you can upload them and share them with the whole world. You can share educational videos (such as recorded lectures, knowledge clips, practical clips, and instruction videos) through Brightspace, within YuJa, and outside YuJa.

Wageningen University & Research started using YuJa as the new Enterprise Video Platform on the 14th of February 2022. Before that we used Presentations to Go (P2G), and we used websites as wurtv2, weblectures, and multimedia. Everything that was present on P2G is migrated to YuJa.

In this article you will learn:

How to access YuJa?

YuJa offers a variety of safe and secure options for users to log in. You can access the Video Platform using either your WUR's SSO credentials, or through Brightspace (where it will automatically use your WUR's SSO credentials).

Logging into the Video Platform Using WUR's SSO Credentials
  1. Select Wageningen University and Research Single Sing-On in the drop down list
  2. Click on Login


YuJa log in

You might be redirected to the WUR's SSO login page.

  1. Fill in your SSO credentials
  2. Click on Sign in
SSO credentials

After you have logged into YuJa using WUR's SSO credentials you end up in your media. From here you can access your media, your favorites, and for example the WUR Library.

Logging into the Video Platform through Brightspace
  1. Log into Brightspace
  2. Navigate to any of your courses
  3. Click on Course Tools
  4. Click on Manage Videos (YuJa)
access from BS

After you have logged in through Brightspace you end up in the channel of the course. From here you can access your media, your favorites, and for example the WUR Library.

The Manage Videos (YuJa) button is not available for students.

Roles and Permissions in YuJa

Depending on your role at WUR, you will be assigned either the Educator or Learner role in YuJa.

For more information read the article: Classlist | Roles and permissions in Brightspace.


Course coordinators are not owners of Weblectures. Therefore, certain features from the Weblectures have to be done by Educational Media such as:

1. Edit Weblectures from a course

2. Change the title of a Weblecture

3. Publish back a Weblecture that was unpublished 

If you have a request regarding Weblectures contact [email protected].

Manage Media

Manage Media includes a suite of tools to organize, store and manage media. This includes search and maintain media content, share media, upload and download media, caption content, and use the Video Editor. All roles in YuJa include the following rights:

  1. Maintain the video(s) you own through the YuJa Media Library. For further instructions read the article: YuJa | About YuJa Media Library.
  2. Share the videos that you own with both internal and external users. For further instructions check YuJa | How to share videos in YuJa.
  3. Upload (multiple) files to Manage Media using the (bulk) upload feature. You can upload a variety of video and audio files. Files are then stored in your My Media folder. Uploaded files will be auto-captioned in English. For further instructions check YuJa | How to upload a video to YuJa.
  4. Edit the videos that you own. For further instructions check YuJa | About YuJa Video Editor.
Manage Channels (All My Courses)

Media Channels (All My Courses) allow educators to make videos available to users in a specific course. Educators have Edit Access for the Media Channels they are the owner of.

Learners can only view the videos that the educators make available for them.

For further instructions check How to manage a YuJa channel (YuJa All Videos).


How do I enable Third-Party Cookies?

YuJa requires third-party cookies to prevent any potential login or media player issues while accessing your YuJa account. If third-party cookies are not enabled, users may be unable to log in through their LMS. In the article Enabling Third-Party Cookies, YuJa has included steps to perform in Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari to enable third-party cookies.

How do I access my watch history? 

Watch History is a log of videos that users have watched previously. Users can use this feature to refer back to videos that have been watched and re-watch the videos as needed. Read the Accessing Watch History article to learn how to access your watch history. 

Can I download videos that are stored on YuJa?

You are able to download the videos that you own in YuJa. You are the owner of a video when you uploaded it. Read in the Downloading Media article on the YuJa support page how to download videos that you own in YuJa.

By default it is not possible to download videos that you do not own through YuJa. The basic principle is that the videos are intended to be private, only for students registered for the courses and the intellectual property belongs to the WUR. The videos will remain available on the server, and accessible for you via the YuJa video platform, via which you can link them to any course you may want to (re)use them in. If you have a special request you can contact [email protected].  

Who can watch promotions, graduation ceremonies, inaugurations, or farewell speeches?

Next to course related recordings (Weblectures), Education Media provides recordings of all the promotions, graduation ceremonies, inaugurations, and farewell speeches. All of these events are livestreamed publicly. More information can be found in the article About recording and livestreaming a promotion, graduation ceremony, inauguration, or farewell speech.

Now you know the basics about YuJa!


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