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About scheduling a recording of non-course related events (on campus)

Wageningen University & Research provides recordings on request, for example online training, conferences, press-conferences, and other events or meetings.

This article will explain you:

If you want online students to be able to attend with no delay and have the possibility to interact, we recommend you to make use of the hybrid possibilities instead of the livestream of weblectures. If you need support on hybrid teaching, visit the screenstep about How to organise and set-up Hybrid Teaching.

How to request a room with recording equipment?

Request a room with the facility recording equipment (weblectures) by:

Send the recording request (below you will find downloadable template) to [email protected]. After you have send the request, team Weblectures is going to plan the recording and inform you about the points of attention for the recording, if applicable where to find the livestream, and where to find the video afterwards.

You now know how to schedule a recording of non-course related events (on campus)!

Want to know more about recordings on-campus?

Please visit:


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