How to organise and set-up Hybrid Teaching

What is Hybrid Teaching

In most lecture rooms on-campus it is possible to use the online meeting tool MS Teams Meeting in combination with the microphone and camera equipment in the room. This allows you to give interactive lectures, in which one part of the students are physically present and the other part of the students attends the lecture or tutorial online. The students online can follow what is going on in the classroom and can interact by asking questions via chat or verbally.

The MS Teams Meeting can be recorded and weblectures can be recorded, to be placed in your Brightspace for future viewing. For more information on scheduling weblectures you can visit the article How to schedule Weblectures and Livestreams with the WurScheduler.

Five steps to set-up and start your Hybrid Classroom

Steps Keep in mind
1. Reserve a room on-campus with the Hybrid facility TimeEdit shows if a room is fit for hybrid teaching. Contact [email protected] to reserve a room on-campus with the so-called ‘Hybrid lecturing (comb. on campus/online stud.)’ facility. All the rooms with the ‘Hybrid’ facility have recording equipment (weblectures) and writing tablets.

Note: Not all rooms with recording facilities have the ‘Hybrid lecturing (comb. on campus/online stud.)’ facility.

2. Find a moderator

We recommend to have a moderator to assist during the hybrid lecture; to check if the tool is working correctly and keep an eye on the online activities, like the chat and hand raising. The moderator will need a laptop and a headset, to check the sound in the online environment.

Note: If you cannot find a moderator, you can use the extra screen in the room to keep an eye on the online activity.

3. Create the online meeting
Create the MS Teams Meeting, either in your MS Teams team linked to your Brightspace, or in your Brightspace directly. It is best if the organizer of the MS Teams Meeting is also attending the lecture. 

Note: Ask your students who join on-campus to bring their laptop, so they can also participate in the online interactions like chat and polling. 

4. Start-up your hybrid lecture

Before you go to the reserved room on campus, pick up the microphone and Logitech Spotlight at the reception of the building. Start up the MS Teams Meeting on the WUR-PC that is present in the room, and not on your laptop. In the MS Teams Meeting:

More information about the possibilities in MS Teams Meetings here.

You or the moderator can now check the online sound by checking in on a separate laptop on which you join the MS Teams Meeting (use headphone to prevent echoing).

Note: The sound and microphone of all devices present in the room that joined the online meeting should be off and muted to prevent echoing. Only the sound of the WUR-PC and the sound of the teacher's microphone is on. If, during the lecture, questions are asked in the room, it might be needed to repeat these for the students online.

5. Execute your hybrid lecture Camera
The camera equipment on-campus only follows one person, pay attention to that when you give your lecture or tutorial with more than one person.Try to make 'eye contact' with the students online. This means that you have to look into the camera of the lecture room, located at the ceiling.

A regular laser pointer is not visible for the students online. You can use the Logitech Spotlight available at the receptions. The Logitech Spotlight can highlight information on a slide through a digital spotlight by holding down the media button, which can be controlled through gestures. With the Logitech Spotlight you can also zoom in on a picture. The Spotlight works with Keynote, PowerPoint, Google Slide, PDF, and Prezi.
Use Spotlight to navigate through your slides. Here, you will find the Logitech Spotlight instruction article, or an instruction video in English or Dutch.

Do not write on the blackboard or whiteboard, because it might not be well readable for the students online. Make use of the Writing Tablet instead, which is available in all the rooms with the ‘hybrid’ facility.


The students can ask questions in a chat in MS Teams, online. If on campus students bring their laptops, they can join this chat. A moderator can moderate this chat and pass the questions on to the lecturer. 

You can also make use online polling or quizzing with a tool such a MS Forms.

Record your Hybrid Lecture

You can have two types of recording:

  • Recording of the online MS Teams Meeting: you have to start this recording yourself. After your lecture, the recording is visible in MS Teams. If you want to save it and make it accessible via Brightspace, download the recording and upload via YuJa Media Chooser (Existing activities) in Brightspace.
  • Recording of Weblectures: request on forehand via [email protected], as you would do with a regular lecture, and link the recording via Weblectures (Existing Activities) in Brightspace with a dynamic filter (entire period series) or a custom selection (single or selection of weblectures)

Note: It is advisable to create both recordings, so you can select the best recording.

What does the Hybrid Classroom look like?

Below you see an example of a hybrid classroom in Forum, B0317.

Support on Hybrid Teaching

Design and preparation If you have any questions on designing your hybrid teaching activity or setting up your hybrid classroom, you can contact [email protected] or +31 317 486 222. We can also assist in a practice session.
Starting up and during your lecture
If you want to have assistance before the start of your first hybrid lecture, please send an e-mail (one week in advance) to the reception of the building  your scheduled in (Forum and Plus Ultra, Leeuwenborch, Orion, Aurora), indicating date, time, location, course code, and name of the lecturer. They will assign a supporter to give assistance 15 minutes before the start of the lecture.

If during the lecture something is not working correctly, call the reception of the building you are in, they will send support staff.


Scheduling | Q: Is my room suitable for Hybrid Teaching?

A: You can check the room facilities in TimeEdit. A room that is suitable has Hybrid (combination on campus/online students) listed in the column Facilities.

Note: Recording equipment only is not sufficient.

View/Display | Q: Can you walk around the class when you give a lecture?

A: The camera that is used is the same that is used for recording lectures (Weblectures). It follows you until a certain point and you need to be in front of the room.

View/Display | Q: How to use the Presenter view in PowerPoint?

A: With Presenter view, the audience views your slides on a main screen, while you control the show on another screen that only you can see. In rooms where the lecturer PC has two screens, the Presenter view is started on the wrong screen when you start your presentation in PowerPoint by default. The settings for Presenter view can be adjusted by yourself in the slide Show tab. Once adjusted your account will remember the settings. You can choose to turn off Presenter view or to change the default screen.

  • Turn off Presenter view if you prefer not to use it
  • In the Power Point click on the Slide Show tab. Change 'Monitor' from 'Automatic' to 'Primary Monitor' to prevent displaying Presenter view from the wrong screen
View/Display | Q: How to involve an online lecturer?

A: In order to achieve a more interactive experience, request the online lecturer to share his/her presentation using the “Live Power Point” option. Moreover, it is recommended to request all other participants to close their camera so that the image of the guest presenter is seen in a bigger size. This way, when a student would like to make a question, they can turn on the camera and their image will pop up on the side.

Pointer/Microphone | Q: Do you need to make a reservation at the reception for the pointer and microphone?

A: You do not have to make a reservation for a pointer or microphone. When you have reserved a room, you can pick up pointer and microphone at the reception before you go to the room.

Pointer/Microphone | Q: Are the microphone and pointer automatically connected to the lecturer PC?

A: The microphone is automatically connected to the room you're giving the lecture. For the pointer it differs per building; some of the pointers have already been plugged in and in other buildings you need to connect the device yourself. Extract the USB from the bottom of the pointer and insert it in the USB portal of the main computer (computer tower, not the screen).

Note: If you encounter problems during start up of your hybrid lecture, contact the reception of the building you are in for assistance.

Sound/View | Q: Would the people attending online hear/see people in the room & vice versa?

A: People attending online can open their microphone and talk; the sound will come through the loud speaker in the room. However, if the people in the room can be heard by the people online, depends on the quality of the ceiling microphone in the room. So make sure to test this. If it does not work, the presenter (with the microphone) has to repeat the questions from the in-class audience for the people online. The people in the classroom can see the online people if you project it on the screen. However, there is no camera pointed at the audience, so the people at home will not see the audience in the classroom and only the presenter in front of the room. An option would be to ask the students on campus to bring their laptop and join the online meeting as well. Another option could be to bring your own laptop, join the online meeting with that laptop as well and point the laptop-camera to the on-campus students. In both cases, make sure that all sound (mics and speakers) are turned off. Otherwise these options results in a lot of echoing.

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