Quick Reference Card Forum G-rooms

This Quick Reference Card applies to group work rooms with a large display.

  • Reception Forum: 0317 482 160 | 8:00 - 23:00 | for assistance and all issues with (audiovisual) equipment and hybrid meetings
  • Servicedesk IT: 0317 488 888 | 7:30 -17:30 | for issues related to accounts and log-in
  • Emergency number: 0317 488 333 | in case of evacuation, leave the building via the nearest emergency staircase

Use the large display

To use the large display on the wall in combination with your laptop,

  1. Connect your laptop with the HDMI cable

Set up a hybrid meeting 

For hybrid meetings,

  1. Plug the USB cable of the large display into your laptop

  2. Start your meeting in MS Teams

  3. Select the Logitech MeetUp Speakerphone as audio device

  4. Select the Logitech Meetup camera as camera for your meeting

At the reception you can pick up a remote control for the large display. This remote control is merely additional and offers some extra functionalities during MS Teams meetings with the large display.

If you have remarks or feedback on this instruction article, please let us know via [email protected].


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