On Campus Education Spaces manual

This manual provides instruction articles on the use of WUR's on campus education spaces and audiovisual equipment. The manual is still work in progress; in the coming month the remaining chapters will be added.

The first chapters have been published:

  • Support options: who can help you in preparation and during your on campus teaching activities
  • Aurora, Orion and Forum: this chapter contains Quick Reference Cards for the different room types of the buildings (C-rooms, B-Rooms, P-rooms and G-rooms) and the audiovisual equipment you find in those rooms. The Quick Reference Cards provide an overview of the most important things you need to know when using the room and how to get assistance. A hard-copy of these Quick Reference Cards is provided in the rooms.
  • How to use Audiovisual equipment: these articles contain detailed instruction for specific equipment and technologies, such as the Writing Tablet (WACOM), the Touchscreen (CTOUCH), and the LogiTech Pointer.

The chapters for the other education buildings (Leeuwenborch and Atlas) will be published in the coming month. Also, more instruction articles will be added in the near future, for instance about using the Nialli Wall and WeConnect.

If you have remarks or feedback on this manual, please let us know by filling in this form. You can also let us know via [email protected].


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