How to use the Logitech Pointer

The Logitech Pointer has three different functions for giving presentations: a digital laser to point, highlighting an area, and magnifying an area of interest. In recorded or hybrid lectures, the effects are also visible to students.

Get started

The Logitech Pointer can be picked up at the reception.

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your WUR account and set up your presentation on the Writing Tablet (WACOM)
  2. Pull the USB-part (dongle) out of the Logitech Pointer
  3. Aurora: Plug the USB-dongle of the Pointer into the black USB-cable on the desk
  4. Forum/Orion: Plug the USB-dongle of the Pointer into the USB-port of the PC under/next to the desk

In the task bar on the Computer,

  1. Click on the Show hidden icons symbol
  2. Click on the Logitech Presentation symbol

A SPOTLIGHT menu appears. From the SPOTLIGHT menu,

  1. Click on POINTER and choose the desired function of the Logitech Pointer

You can select more than one Pointer function at the same time. Double click on the top button of the Logitech Pointer to alternate between Pointer functions.

You are now ready to give your presentation with the Logitech Pointer.

Use the functions of the Logitech Pointer (highlight, magnify, digital laser)

The Logitech Pointer has three functions: HIGHLIGHT, MAGNIFY, and DIGITAL LASER. This section explains how to use these functions.

  1. Open the SPOTLIGHT menu and click on POINTER, as explained in steps 1-6 above (Get started)

In the POINTER menu, three functions appear: HIGHLIGHT, MAGNIFY and DIGITAL LASER. From the POINTER menu,

  1. Tick one or multiple functions you want to use within the Logitech Pointer

NOTE: when all pointer functions are disabled, the Logitech Pointer is used as a mouse cursor.

Behind each of the three functions,

  1. Click on the arrow symbol to specify settings for each function

to dim the background and focus on a part of your slide


to zoom in on details


to point to what you want to show

Specific settings for each Pointer function

Clicking on each of the three functions HIGHLIGHT, MAGNIFY and DIGITAL LASER in the POINTER menu leads to the following menus respectively:

  1. Adjust the contrast of the spotlight
  2. Adjust the colour of the magnification edge
  3. Adjust the colour of the digital laser
  4. Adjust the size of the effect
  5. With Cursor control on, you can click on videos and links with the Logitech Pointer
  6. With Freeze the effect on, effects remain on-screen when you release the top button

Use the buttons of the Logitech Pointer

There are three buttons on the Logitech Pointer:

  1. Top button - Move on-screen cursor
  2. Forward button - Navigate forward in your presentation slides
  3. Backward button - Navigate backward in your presentation slides

These are the default functions of the buttons. In the SPOTLIGHT menu you can adjust the functions for the Forward button and Backward button.

Now you know how to use the Logitech Pointer!

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