How to use accelerated login on lecturer's PC

To simplify the log-in process, a new accelerated log-in application has been installed on the lecturers' PC in the room. This is the only log-in option on the teacher's PC and provides lecturers with the ability to log in using a single sign-on. One of the benefits is that all Windows Office packages will open instantly, without needing extra user authentication. In addition, any type of file from Windows Office Suite can quickly open, when it is saved on a network location (OneDriveM: drive or W: drive).

The single sign-on works for the following Windows Office packages:

  1. PowerPoint
  2. Word
  3. Excel
  4. Outlook
  5. MS-Teams
  6. Edge browser

If you are using Google chrome make sure to transfer your bookmarked pages into Edge browser, to skip an extra authentication!

Prepare for the accelerated login

  1. Save the files you need to a network location (OneDrive, M: drive or W: drive)

Check if the files are saved

To check if the files are available:

  1. Go to the network directory (OneDrive, M: drive or W: drive), and
  2. Open the folder
  3. A list of the saved documents will appear, where:
    • Blue cloud icon  - indicates the the file is available online
    • Green tick icon - indicates that the file is locally available
cloud icon: available online , tick circle : locally available files

Accelerated login on teacher PC procedure

  1. Log in to the lecturer's PC , using your WUR credentials
  2. A second authentication follows, where you need to confirm your request by entering a code received via email or phone. As soon as this completes, you will grant access to the room's PC
  3. The accelerated login is successful when the shortcuts of One Drive and MS-Teams appear on the Desktop
Accelerated login was successfull when the shortcust of One Drive and MS-Teams appear on the Desktop

For a faster login, download the Microsoft Authenticator app on the Smart Phone, more information in the article:  Adaptation to the Microsoft Authenticator App (WUR Passcode)

Get access to the files (PowerPoint, Word, Excel etc)

  1. Open Windows file explorer
  2. Select the folder where the files are stored (OneDrive , M:drive or W:drive)
  3. Double click on the cloud icon to download the file

Under Status, you can always check in which directory the files are saved.

Locally available files can be opened at anytime, even without an Internet connection.

example of files stored onlin and locally

Now you know how to use accelerated log in on lecturer's PC!

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