Support options On campus Education Spaces

The manuals on this site offer you, as a course coordinator, lecturer, or with another educator/support role, information and instructions on the use of WUR's on campus educational spaces. To organize your activities on campus and make the most out of the educational facilities, WUR has support options for preparation and for on campus.

Support options for preparation

  • Scheduling: [email protected] | Use Time Edit to check the room schedules, find specific room information and reserve rooms
  • Education Support: 0317 486 222 | [email protected] | Contact the Teaching and Learning Centre for trainings and advice on how to use tools and technologies like WeConnect or the Innovation rooms, or advice on didactics and developing learning activities
  • Brightspace Helpdesk: 0317 486 222 | [email protected] | Contact for technical questions on Brightspace or other learning tools like Labbuddy, Wooclap, MS Teams
  • Weblectures: [email protected] | Contact for questions related to the recording or livestream of your lecture

Support on campus

For assistance on campus in setting up or during your lecture, contact the reception of the building you are in. You can also make appointments with the caretakers from facility support to check the rooms and the audiovisual equipment. 


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