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Using the authoring tool Lectora to create an online video escape game (Library game)

This article will show an example of how Lectora can be used to create online video escape games.

Game with hints in the library

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Short Introduction and background

Introduction and story behind the emergence of this learning activity. What was the need, what issue/problem was the teacher facing and wanted to resolve? 

The Library game was already created last year. All new bachelor students (1000 +) need to learn how to use the library within the first few weeks of September. Previously, students learned this by making an assignment to which they submitted their (open) answers. This resulted in many (1000+) submissions that needed to be commented upon in a short period of time which was impossible workload wise. This was an important reason why the Library game was created. In this way, students receive pre-programmed feedback, and to be able to finish the game they need to submit the right answers. Other advantages are that is a more fun way of learning and the Library stands out among all the other information the students receive during the start of their education.

Due to Corona, a complete online version needed to be developed. It was also a good opportunity to improve the game based on last year’s experiences and feedback.

Relevant tools / apps (software) or hardware used

  • Brightspace
  • Lectora

Learning outcome(s)

What has been learned after this lesson/activity has been executed ?

  • Find your way in the digital and physical library
  • Find books and journals in your discipline
  • Describe the differences between a scientific journal and a professional journal
  • Find the literature that is used in your courses via ‘course reserves’ and the study collection
  • Determine bibliographic details of a reference
  • Describe the system of subject codes that are used to organise books

Lesson idea / Learning activity

Specific description and demonstration of the lesson idea/learning activity.

The game is made with the Authoring tool Lectora and is accessible in Brightspace (imported SCORM module). In this way, you can follow the progress of the students and grade it with a pass/fail grade item. Behind the scenes in the game students receive points for certain parts that are connected to the grade item.

The format that is chosen for the game is a ‘video escape game’. Since students need to learn how to use the Library, the real Library is mimicked within the game. A lot of pictures and videos were made of the physical Library and are being used within the game.

Watch the videoclip to see how the Library game looks like and how it is experienced from a student’s point of view. Normally the video game takes appr. 90 minutes to finish. During the 25 minutes videoclip Valerie talks you through the game.

Lessons learned / Tips

Mentions tips lecturer has for colleagues based on their experience.

Some general tips if you want to create a game yourself:

  1. Describe the learning goals you want to achieve with this game
  2. Research what game types are available: google ‘games for education’
  3. Decide on what game type suits the learnings goals best
  4. What tools do you need? What tools are available?
  5. In this case, a ‘Video escape game format’ was chosen
    1. Lectora (authoring tool) was available
    2. What atmosphere do you want to create?
    3. Create a detailed storyline, what in-game learning activities meet what learning goals? What roles are needed? Etc.
    4. Make sure you stay true to the roles and stay within the storyline (all details within the game)
    5. When all details are known you can build the game within Lectora
How much time did it take to develop this online game?

Developing took about two to three weeks, to improve it took another 16 hours. The building time within Lectora including taking all the pictures was about five working days. In total, this adds up to four- or five-weeks.

Use of Lectora

Lectora needs to be installed on your computer and is computer bound. You need a license to be able to use it. Licenses can be requested with [email protected]

There is an online version available and it is similar to the standalone version, but they are not compatible with each other. It is best to only use one version of the tool (stand-alone or online) during the building process.

Lectora can be compared to PowerPoint, but with additional features and is easy to use.


Teacher(s): Valerie Toebes , Renee de Waal
TLC contact:
Author (interviewer): Anniek Wintraeken


  • Demo of the Library game: (video below)
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