The roles explained

There are several different actors (so-called 'roles') in Hora Finita. In this manual, all these different roles are introduced and elaborated on per phase of a PhD traject (registration, reasearch and graduation).

List of all the roles in Hora Finita

The roles that are active in Hora Finita are:

  • PhD candidate (Promovendus)
  • Supervisor (Promotor)
  • Graduate School Employee (Onderzoeksschoolmedewerker)
  • Chair Group Secretary (Leerstoelgroepmedewerker)
  • Secretary of Supervisor (Secretaresse van Promotor)
  • Doctoral Service Centre
  • Universitair Applicatiebeheerder
  • HR medewerker
PhD candidate

The PhD candidate can view all his/her information, except for information about 'Cum Laude'. They cannot change any personal data, except for his/her preferred e-mail address. In the registration phase the PhD candidate can add additional information when requested by the Graduate School.

In the research phase the PhD candidate will:

  • Submit their TSP.
  • Have interviews (Introduction, GO / NO GO, Annual meetings).
  • Submit their research proposal, Data Management Plan and portfolio.
  • Complete a Qualifying Exam and any other requirements when needed.
  • Complete questionnaires .

In the graduation phase the PhD candidate will:

  • Submit a title page and cover.
  • Submit their manuscript and thesis.
  • Submit their propositions.

The PhD candidate cannot change agreements or view data of other PhD candidates.


Supervisors can view all information about their PhD candidates. This includes the privacy-sensitive interview reports. Supervisors do not have a role in the registration phase of a PhD candidate. They do have a big role in the research and graduation phase.

In the research phase they are responsible for:

  • The GO / NO GO interview with the PhD candidate.
    • This includes the conduction of the interview, registering the results and filled in questionnaire in Hora Finita and submitting the decision outcome.
  • Reviewing the TSP, Data Management Plan, Research Proposal and portfolio of the PhD candidate.
  • Adding and approving educational activities.

In the graduation phase they are responsible for:

  • Reviewing the manuscript and thesis.
  • Reviewing the propositions.
  • Booking a PhD ceremony slot.
  • Entering the Assessment Committee and a suggestion for the referees.

Supervisors do not have knowledge of the 'Cum Laude' process. They can suggest 'Cum Laude' for a PhD candidate when entering their manuscript review in Hora Finita.

If a supervisor does not have time for all their required activities, they can authorize a secretary to take over some of the activities. However, a supervisor is required to do approvals themselves.

Graduate School Employee

This role combines the qualities of the administrative assistant and the faculty beadle. In the registration phase they register the PhD project registration and request additional information from the PhD candidate. Once all information is complete, they submit the registration to the Doctoral Service Centre who will approve or reject the registration.

In the research phase they will have an introduction interview with the PhD candidate and they can:

  • Add requirements to a PhD project.
  • Review the TSP.
  • Review the research proposal.
  • Review the portfolio.
  • Propose a modification of the project supervision team.

They do not have an active role in the graduation phase, but they can generate the education certificate for the PhD candidate.

Chair Group Secretary

This role is similar to that of the Graduate School employee but this role, in principle, does not have access to the confidential questionnaires.

They are allowed to edit the following information:

  • Making a proposal for a change in the project team: you can request for a change in the supervision team to be approved by all supervisors and the Doctoral Service Centre.
  • Booking a PhD ceremony slot.
  • Editing the Project Title and Project description of a PhD Project.
Secretary of the Supervisor

Not every Promoter/Supervisor will do all of their work in Hora Finita themselves. It is therefore possible to authorize a secretary to do it for them, but they will still need to do the approvals themselves. The secretaries have the same options as promoters.

They are allowed to edit the following information: 

  • Interviews (dates, results, documents).
    • Please note that you cannot submit these interviews, that is done by the Promotor themselves.
  • Proposed members of the assessment committee on behalf of the first supervisor (please note that a request of approval of these members is possible only after the first supervisor has approved the manuscript. 
  • Approve a training activity of a specific PhD candidate. 
  • Book a PhD ceremony slot for a specific PhD candidate.
PhD Office (Doctoral Service Centre)

This is the role can enter and adjust everything from the beginning to the end of a PhD project. They will approve a registration in the registration phase after the PhD candidate filled in any missing information and the Graduate School submitted it to them. In the research phase they do not have an active role. They can set up requirements like; the Qualifying Exam, Language Exam and Degree certificate or exemption.

In the graduation phase the Doctoral Service Centre has an active role and will:

  • Review the Assessment Committee.
  • Review the manuscript and thesis (and take care of the rebuttal if necessary).
  • Review the title page and cover.
  • Review the propositions.
  • Invite the opponents.
  • Invite the chair group of the ceremony.
  • Send degree certificates to the printing office.
  • Generate ceremony documents.
  • Start a Cum Laude process.
Universitair Applicatiebeheerder

This role is the functional administrator of the whole application. They can change the application's settings and add new people to Hora Finita or authorize users.

HR medewerker

This role allows HR employees to view the interviews, the reports and personal data. This role is created with the sole purpose to view information and this role can not modify anything in Hora Finita.


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